4 Best Hearing Aids For 2021

The top hearing aid companies are all claiming the best new hearing aids for 2021. Although this is not the same as saying they actually make them. In fact, many could be clones of the same technology from Asia.

We decided to set aside the fancy cases and top-end television advertising. Today, we present you with true facts of what the four best deliver, beyond their seen-on-television good looks, then you can decide which the best hearing aids for you are this year.

Criteria for Choosing Hearing Aids for Moderate Hearing Loss

This article is for you if you have mild to moderate hearing loss, especially if it has developed in your fifties. Severe hearing loss is a condition where you can only hear some sounds, but very poorly. We’ll write about the best hearing aids for severe hearing loss on another occasion.

  • Hearing aids take getting used to, because they fit into our ear canals and this may feel unfamiliar. The two main types are in-ear, and behind-ear devices with tubes. The in-ear ones generally cost more, but they have the advantage of not tangling with COVID face masks.
  • Genuine hearing aids use digital technology, which is adjustable to deliver sound in the most user-friendly way. Some cheap ones use analog systems which may be little more than volume controls. Best understand the difference and check the specification carefully.
  • All hearing aids, whether analog or digital use tiny batteries to power their circuits. The better ones use rechargeable ones that last longer than a day, that way the user can replenish them while they rest at night. This is a great improvement over single-use batteries that get weaker and weaker, until we replenish them just like a flashlight.

Most digital hearing aids are able to suppress the annoying sounds of tinnitus, but only to an extent according to American Tinnitus Association. They achieve this by augmenting exterior noise to mask the sounds occurring in our minds. However, the jury is still out whether any of them qualify as best hearing aids for tinnitus in 2021.

The Four Best-Value Hearing Aids in 2021


The COSTCO hearing aids in their Signature range are considerably less expensive than many other leading brands. Their signature 10s, for example, price around $1,400 a pair including tools, travel pouch and charger case. However, this price does not include custom ear molds, although they are fully digital and rechargeable.

We should add that these are behind-the-ear models which many users still find more acceptable that in-canal ones. The company claims they are ‘high performance with smart assistive technology that automatically adjusts settings to your environment’. However we know of other, similar brands where you may get more for your money.


Walmart supplies a range of hearing aids at competitive prices, including their signature Hearing Assist HA-302 behind-ear model, at $497.99 a pair plus shipping charges. The product is rechargeable, and includes background noise reduction, directional microphones, and feedback suppression in the price.

However, it is a baseline model with four adjustable programs for different environments, and a volume control knob. Walmart says it’s ideal for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, and normally retails for $699.97 a pair. We wonder how much Walmart adds to the price.


Nano CIC hearing aids are the company’s entry-level product, pricing around $497.99 a pair excluding delivery. They sell direct to the public, eliminating 65% of the cost NANO claims ‘goes directly to middlemen like audiologists’. They are basic behind-the-ear technology with rechargeable batteries, which gives them a good start by our standards.

They also appear to use digital technology, although NANO does not specifically confirm this in blurbs we have seen. However, we don’t recommend you jump in until you have seen the incredible offerings from Blue Angels.


Blue Angels gives you all the choices for less, by offering you lowest prices on all hearing aids:

Our XP30 entry-level ones fit comfortably behind the ear. They are state-of-art digital rechargeable hearing aids with advanced feedback technology and dual microphones. And you get all this for the incredible price of just $297.99 a pair including shipping.

But that’s not all at Blue Angels, where we offer best hearing aid value in America. Our XP23 in-ear hearing aids are available right now $597.99 a pair including shipping. And they offer you the added convenience of almost invisible in-ear technology if you buy now.

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