7 Best Apps for Deaf or Hard of Hearing People

iOs and Android apps for hard of hearing or deaf people. Here's the best of them!

Hearing aids are a generally accepted solution for chronically hard of hearing people. However, many folk still have to cross that bridge, because it’s never easy to accept our years are drawing in.

Fortunately, there are a number of smartphone apps for deaf or hard of hearing people that may help them stave off the decision a while longer. We have seven of the best apps to share with you today.

That being said, we are not going to rank them because it’s what’s best for you that really matters.

I Have Hearing Aids - Can I Ignore These Apps?

Sure, but b there could be times when you might still need one of these apps. You may forget where you put your hearing aids, for example, absent-mindedly leave them at home, or let the batteries run flat. In this

Drum Roll for Our 7 Favorite Mobile Apps for Hearing

Live Transcription Apps for Meetings

Not sure what you have heard in a meeting can be a real pain. It’s a comfort to know everybody has the problem, even those with flawless hearing. The Live app gives you instant text display in real time.

Otter does something similar, but includes 600 free minutes a month, and generates a time-stamped transcript of a meeting ‘for a fraction of the cost of traditional services’ according to their marketing message.

The Ava App for Deaf People in Groups

Some mobile hearing aid apps for hard hearing situations work with strangers. Ava, on the other hand, is for family and social groups willing to walk the extra mile together. That’s because they must all download the app first, but after that, it’s a walk in the park.

The group keeps their phones nearby as they speak, while Ava collates a threaded message so they can follow the text on their devices. The first five hours a month are free.

Live Caption App for Mobile Hearing Again

Live Caption is so ‘fast, easy and reliable’ it could stave off purchasing a hearing aid for a while longer. It listens to the sounds around you the moment you turn it on andd then its AI translates voice sound to instant captions on your screen.

However, we guess you’d best explain things to strangers before the conversation begins. Otherwise, they might mistakenly think you are checking for messages.

Hearing Helper on iPhone For Talking to Deaf People

Hearing Helper can be a real boon if you’re talking to deaf person who does not have one of these apps for hard of hearing handy. Simply activate it, point the screen in their direction, and speak.

This is a great way to show your life partner how technology could improve their hearing. And perhaps even tell them about the Blue Angels sale while you’re at it.

Speak Liz Sign Language Recognition App

The Speak Liz mobile app (iPhone and Android) for deep hearing difficulties allows a hearing-impaired user to read what other people are saying on their phone. But it does a deal more than that, including translating sign language into text and alerting them to sounds around them.

They can also type in their own thoughts and press a button to play a voice note to another person.

Clear Captions App for Deaf People

This cool Apple app turns speech into captions, and it does it for phone calls too. You will never miss a word of a conversation again and it even creates a transcript for later review.

User friendly gizmos for geeks include personalizing fonts and colors. Sounds like a perfect gift for every normal-hearing tele salesperson.

Give Your Ears a Hearing Boost But Take Care

Hear Boost is a sound-enhancing app (Android and iPhone) that lets you listen to, and record sounds 200 hundred times better according to the blurb. The user leaves their phone in the background where it quietly records what’s happening. This could be the answer for deaf people dozing off in meetings, but watch that playback volume.

Hang On There: Are You Saying I Need a Phone to Hear Better?

No, not at all: Callers asked us to explore the topic, and it’s a great one for lovers of technology. But we have far better news for the rest of us, who believe it’s a trifle rude to leave phones on at dinner parties, and in meetings.

Blue Angels’ hearing aids are standalone devices. There’s no need to worry which pocket to carry them in, or fret about them suddenly ringing. That’s because they fit almost invisibly in or behind our ears, so folk hardly notice we are wearing them.

We’ll tell you one more secret about our hearing aids that make them incomparably better than all those phone apps for deaf people. Our hearing aids don’t accept tele-calls, marketing messages, and sorry I dialed the wrong numbers.

Blue Angels hearing aids simply help you hear better for a fraction of normal prices. It’s all they do but they do it pretty well, as over 30,000 satisfied customers confirm.


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