A Review of Invisible Hearing Aids

We find ourselves in a society ruled by celebrities. Many of these people are in the fashion industry. Make-up artists go out of their way to make them look 100% picture-perfect. Before they post photos online, they airbrush the details to ensure they have no blemishes. This means not a freckle or pimple in sight, and as for hearing aids, they don’t apparently exist.

But they do, and in increasing numbers too, thanks to the development of smaller and smaller ‘invisible hearing aids’ carefully brushed with manicured hair. However, the more compact the more expensive the gadget.

Many people feel uncomfortable with the look of hearing aids as society has a stigma attached to the listening devices. While we don’t expect society to change anytime soon, people are looking for a more ‘natural’ look so they don’t stand out.

We wrote this post to provide an overview of how much invisible hearing aids cost, because COVID is making money tighter these days for many of us. But before we expand on the cost of invisible hearing aids, we first need to explain the different types.

How ‘Invisible Hearing Aids’ Work

The smaller hearing aids are, the more they generally cost and the less space they have for technology. There’s a degree of trade-off involved here, although some companies like Blue Angels Hearing have workarounds for this.

Invisible, in-canal hearing aids are so discreet many people don’t notice them unless they already know they are there. But when they do, their first reaction may well be, wow those look expensive and most times they could be correct.

Take the prices of Oticon invisible hearing aids, just as an example. Their prices range between $1,818 and $3,821 according to Hearing Tracker. If you think that sounds expensive you may need to sit down; that’s just the cost per ear!

What Qualifies As Invisible Hearing Aids?

If you visit invisible hearing aid reviews, you will discover the concept is relative. One person may claim they literally ‘melt away’ while others may insist they are still visible when people look. There are other types of less-expensive hearing aids less obvious in the minds of observers, for example:

  • In-the ear hearing aids that rest in the outer ear shell
  • Behind-the-ear hearing aids discreetly behind the ear

So How Much Do Almost Invisible Hearing Aids Cost?

You could purchase all three types of hearing aids in shopping malls, in high street shops, at some clinics, and even on the internet nowadays. However, there is no direct answer to how much a Phonak behind-the-ear hearing costs, again just to mention an example.

That’s because the supply channel is a major cost factor, and this varies widely between providers. While it’s true invisible hearing aids at Costco may turn out cheaper than franchise stores, you still have to pay a surcharge to cover premises and staff.

How Internet Shopping Affected These Things

Before COVID-19 arrived on the scene, much of society was trapped in a paradigm. This was an illusion that shopping belongs in brick and mortar buildings. The supply chain included manufacturers, wholesalers, shipping agents, and retailers and they all added their cut.

Marketing filled our minds with the impression shops were the only safe way to purchase goods and services. Only fools bought ‘pirate goods’ on street corners.  When the internet arrived, the theory soon spread it was little more than a scam

Things changed in the past ten years, as millennials discovered online shopping was simpler, faster, and often cheaper too. Amazon and eBay enforced fairness with money back guarantees. Not long after that, department stores started opening e-shopping malls.

Best Almost Invisible Hearing Aids at Affordable Prices

Hearing aids purchased on the internet will usually improve a person’s hearing, because scams don’t survive long. However, they may not bring you real savings because:

  • The supplier keeps shop and internet prices the same
  • The provider is an affiliate marketer adding their cut
  • Although the goods are cheaper, they are substandard

We established Blue Angels Hearing eleven years ago when one of mothers get caught in that scam. Our prices are best because we source and we ship brand new, unused products direct. Despite this our quality has amazed over 30,000 customers since we began. You may like to visit our virtual shop and compare our prices with the rest.

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