Are Hearing Aids Covered by Medicare

We get regular calls from new clients inquiring about if Medicare covers hearing aid costs. Some become quite annoyed when we tell them it’s not covered. However, we can hear them smiling when we tell them about our special offer running while stock last.

There are no hearing aids Medicare covers under Part A or Part B. It’s a strange arrangement when you think about it, given nine million of America’s elderly have restricted hearing. At Blue Angels we sell affordable hearing aids to help close the gap.

If a caller gets as far as asking does Medicare cover hearing aid fittings our answer is the same. There are no Medicare hearing aid benefits. This is an out-of-pocket expense you have to cover yourself. Let’s explore why and how Medicare does not cover hearing aid expenses

Are You Sure There’s No Wiggle Room in This?

The core Medicare program comprises Part A and Part B. To obtain a discount on the price of hearing aids with Medicare, you would have to successfully argue you were entitled in terms of Part A or Part B.

What Part A Covers

Part A is a hospital insurance plan that kicks in after formal admission to a facility. It covers short stays and some medical treatments although there are deductibles and co-payments. Hearing aids don’t even get to the starting gate.

What Part B Covers

Part B is a medical insurance plan that closes some of the gaps. However, the chances of slipping your hearing aids through are smaller than you marrying a prince or princess (in which case you could pay cash anyway).

Medicare Advantage Plans

If you have a Medicare Advantage account, there’s a possibility you may have some costs covered. Check with the program you are on for more details. Unfortunately, many of these exclude long-term custodial, dental, hearing, and vision care. For all intent and purposes there is no such thing as Part C Medicare hearing aids either.

Where Else Can I Turn to For Assistance Then?

Several charities are attempting to close the gap with limited funds at their disposal. If you qualify as a low-income earner, then organizations like Sertoma, Help America Hear, your local Lions Club, or the Department of Veteran affairs may be to help.

I Don’t Qualify, Where Can I Find Hearing Aids I Can Afford?

If you can’t qualify for charitable assistance – or don’t want it – then you are largely on your own.  Medicare does not cover hearing aids although we don’t understand why either. Your only option is to turn to the open market.

The Cost of Purchasing a Pair of Hearing Aids in an American Shop

The American Association of Retired People ran a survey and determined the average price of a pair of digital hearing aids is about $1,500. That’s for the basic model. Top end devices can cost as much as $5,000.

We are in the hearing aid business ourselves, and can confirm these are massive mark-ups compared to factory prices. Could this be because they know Medicare does not cover hearing aid costs? Of course, they’ll argue they have to add the cost of mall rentals, and labor costs.

The Difference Blue Angels Hearing Could Make To Your Lifestyle

Some years ago our founder faced a similar problem. His aging mom was hard of hearing, but she was too proud to ask for help.

She had asked her medical provider whether hearing aids are covered by Medicare and received a predictable answer. She sunk into a deep depression. If you are hard of hearing you may know the feeling.

However, our founder was not prepared to give up. After careful research it turned out as much a 90% of retail hearing aid prices went to administration expenses, and profit.

Opportunities from international internet trading were rolling out at the time. Our founder tracked down a rock-solid digital hearing aid manufacturer itching to expand to new markets. They struck a deal whereby each would only add a small mark-up. Huge volume of happy customers would make up for that.

Read On to Discover the Solution to Your Hearing Difficulty

With a stroke of a pen (or was it a click of the mouse) that deal turned the fact there are no Medicare hearing aids into an opportunity for everyone. Smart technology enables Blue Angels Hearing to sell hearing aids normally retailing for around $1,300 for the amazing price of $197.99 a pair.

Are than any extras? No, everything is included. How much is delivery? Nothing, delivery is included too. The only catch is inventory is selling out fast. Should you purchase your pair now? Only you know the answer to that!