Before You Purchase Your Hearing Aid Read This First

There’s a fair amount of hype in the hearing aid industry. Much of this happens in hearing aid stores where you could pay far more for the same items we sell online at Blue Angels Hearing. Read this post first before you purchase your hearing aid. The topic is not at as complicated as you may think.

The Basic Stuff Before You Purchase Your Hearing Aid

What You Need to Know About the Technology

It’s essential you understand there are two types of hearing aid technology. Don’t be tempted to purchase a cheap hearing aid in the store for a couple hundred dollars. That’s because it is likely to be a basic analog hearing aid that’s little more than a volume control.

You need a more advanced digital hearing aid that processes the sound so it’s more understandable. These types of hearing aids are more expensive to manufacture. Blue Angels Hearing sells them direct at just above cost so you don’t have to pay store prices.

The Practical Side of Wearing Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids all work the same way. However, the main difference is where the loudspeaker sits that relays the processed sound. In-canal hearing aids fit inside ear canals. They are invisible but that’s where the advantage ends. They have limited functions and ear wax can block out the sound.

In-ear hearing aids are an improvement because there’s more room for technology and features. However, fitting and removing them can be a bind, and the controls are hard to adjust unless you have tiny fingers. It’s important to understand this before you purchase your hearing aid.

If you want an affordable, hassle-free solution you should seriously consider the behind-the-ear hearing aids we sell. They are great for mild to moderate hearing loss. See our fantastic special offer while stocks last. Our low price coupled to fantastic value includes:

  • Fast and free shipping worldwide
  • A one year warranty that sticks
  • A 60 day money-back guarantee

Anatomy of the Human Ear (Dan Pickard, Public Domain)

The Simple Pleasures Attached to Hearing Properly Again

Your dreams of hearing better again could come true with Blue Angels Hearing. That’s because we stand by what we say and we don’t believe in making false promises. Here’s the honest truth you may not hear quite so clearly at hearing aid stores that charge considerably more:

Your hearing aid will not take your hearing back to when you were a kid. Technology could never replicate nature, at least not for now. However, you will become more aware of sounds and their origin as your system adjusts.

This means you need to allow your body time to adapt to the louder, clearer sounds filling your ear canal. We recommend you trial your new hearing aid in quiet places like the garden at first. Let noisy shopping centers wait until later.

You’ll become so used to your behind-the-ear hearing aids you scarcely notice they are there. Some of our clients keep diaries for the first couple months so they can look back and appreciate how much they benefit.

Your Hearing Aids Last Longer When You Care

Hearing aids don’t last forever, but you can make your Blue Angels last for up to six years with tender loving care. By then technology will have advanced to the extent you’ll likely want to upgrade your life again. Here are life extension tips you need to know before you purchase your hearing aid.

  • Digital hearing aids are microcomputers crammed full of advanced technology. They don’t like exposure to unnecessary heat, and they definitely don’t enjoy taking a shower or doing several laps in the swimming pool.
  • Keep them away from chemicals including makeup and hair care products. Children and pets are not their friends either. Treat them the way you do your other wearables and you should be OK.
  • Our behind-the-ear hearing aids require light maintenance, because they are in contact with the wearer’s body throughout the day. Wipe them gently with a slightly-moist cloth before you put them on or after you remove them again.
  • Remove any wax build up from the earbuds themselves. Other than that, you can generally leave them alone while you enjoy clearer hearing perhaps for the first time in decades.

Get Your Hearing Back Without Supporting ‘The System’

There’s no need to pay high prices to stores, offices and clinics that keep hearing aid costs soaring. You don’t require an audiogram hearing test either. All you need is Blue Angels, the decision to go ahead and a desire to improve your hearing.