The Benefits of Hearing Aids – But Are They for You?

There’s no promise of a perfect solution as we age, and our hearing dips. Digital aids make voices around us louder again, but the same goes for our footsteps at least for a while. The benefits of hearing aids are well proven, according to Otolaryngology Department at University of Oregon Medical School but are they for you? It’s time to find out.

The Benefits of Hearing Aids – Reduced Listening Strain

It’s a real pain not hearing what others are saying, and this can increase blood pressure out of frustration. Our digital hearing aids could provide you greater clarity, although we won’t promise it will be utterly crystal clear.

That’s because no hearing aid is as good as that, no matter what the advertisements say. However, they should be a great improvement in several wonderful ways if you do your research first and choose wisely.

A more relaxing experience in listening situations

One-on-one conversations and watching television become easier again. However, other sounds around you also become louder. You will need to allow your body time to adapt. Then your computer whirring, the clock ticking, and your footsteps will quieten as your brain adjusts, but some things will not change despite the numerous benefits of hearing aids.

  • You’ll have less interference from moderate background noise because voices will be clearer again. However, loud background noises will still intrude as they always did.


You could manage this by avoiding noisy situations as you did in your youth. Choosing quieter tables in restaurants and not shopping at peak times are part of the solution, especially when we want to chat quietly.


  • Your voice will also seem louder, because it’s part of the world of noise around you. Check your ear pieces fit snugly so your voice can’t sneak past. There’s a possibility you are still shouting. You’ll notice a big difference in social interactions when you lower your voice.

The quality of your conversations will improve. Friends and family will want to exchange pleasantries again. Those niggly problems will fade as you connect with the people around you. Social reintegration is one of the most important benefits of hearing aids.

How Can I Tell If I Will Benefit from Hearing Aids?

If you have lived for sixty-five years, you could part of the one-in-three in your peer group with hearing loss. The best way to find out is to do a hearing test, and confirm the results with Blue Angels hearing aids on special offer now.

Your hearing loss may have occurred so gradually you did not notice your friends and family becoming more distant. They may have become as wearied about repeating themselves several times, as you are with saying ‘what’s that’.

Do you think everybody else mumbles, while you have to shout to make yourself heard? Perhaps it’s time you did something positive about one aspect of aging than can be quick to fix, after you decide to something about it.

I’ve Heard Hearing Aids Are Expensive … Can You Help?

We sure can. We began trading in 2015 after our founder went to his mom’s house to share thanksgiving, and all she said was ‘what’s that’. He knew she had purchased expensive hearing aids downtown, but put one somewhere she could not remember.

Her problem was she needed both for the system to work properly. Our founder recalled other people he saw at checkouts struggling to hear with a single one. That was the moment our founder created Blue Angels Hearing, and we have helped thousands since.

Two Ears Are Simply Better: Karl Thomas Moore BY CC 4.0

An Offer Waiting for You at Blue Angels Hearing Now

We have a special offer running whereby you get not one, but two digital hearing aids for just $197.99 delivered free. We save you thousands of dollars, but give you cutting edge technology in return.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to receive the benefits of hearing aids at a bargain price. We can’t hold our prices much longer. Our supplier has told us Covid-19 downtimes are stretching their margins to breaking point.

Please Run It Past Me Again. Why Two Hearing Aids?

Our brains are geared to receiving stereo information, of similar quality from both ears. They use this so we know where sounds are coming from, and can quickly recover our balance. However, the most important thing from a hearing sense is superior quality in terms of loudness and pitch.

If you have a single hearing aid, then the signal is poorer by the time it reaches the other ear. Do you remember how much better stereo recordings were than mono ones? That’s why we won’t sell single hearing aids. We don’t want our customers to say ‘what’s that’ ever again.