Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday Hearing Aid Deals 2020

We never cease to be amazed at how much prices drop for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Flourishing businesses never sell their products below cost, because stakeholders would fire their managers if they did.

So, what is going on behind the scenes with Black Friday hearing aid bargains? Do the differences between regular and Cyber Monday hearing aid prices indicate the size of the profits being gouged out of consumers wallets?

Or is there perhaps something darker to this. Could these special deals for hard of hearing people be older models’ retailers are clearing, or a batch where something is not completely perfect? It’s impossible for a typical consumer to know what’s really behind these seasonal hearing aid sales. Best defense is staying with trusted brands.

What Black Friday Hear Aid Specials Are On?


EARGO was offering a pair of Neo HiFi hearing aids on Amazon when we looked. They priced them at $2,250 a pair, which is a 17% discount off their regular $2,950 price. We hadn’t heard of these products before. We were curious to take a second look.

EARGO says their products are FDA regulated, exempt Class I medical devices offering ‘best sound fidelity’ while saving thousands of dollars compared to other products. They carry a two year warranty without defining this. However, the let-down is unfortunately their Amazon post did not mention a money-back guarantee when we looked.

We can’t over emphasize how important a money-back guarantee is, and we’d like to believe EARGO offers one too. That’s because purchasers looking for best deals for hard of hearing have a right to return their hearing aids if they are disappointed with the result.


When we looked a few days after Black Friday, LUXATO was still running hearing aid sales. It was featuring single hearing aids marked down from $329 to $99. Wow what a price reduction, how do they manage that?

There was no specification attached to the advertisement we saw, except it was rechargable on a USB port. We’d personally prefer to know more about it before we ordered. What’s the warranty, what type of hearing loss is it best for?

What Good Value Is There on Cyber Monday Sites?


Audicus offers 10% off all hearing aids during their Cyber Monday hearing aid sales. They say their clients ‘won’t need a trip to the audiologist’, because they offer an online hearing test. However, that’s 10% off their regular price so we need to know what they usually charge to calculate the actual saving.

Audicus sells a range of hearing aids pricing between $499 and $899 per ear (or $998 to $1,798 for a pair which is the most likely outcome). Their Cyber Monday deals for hard of hearing people therefore come down to a discount between $99.80 and $179.80, which doesn’t solve the problem for seniors on a pension.


Walmart has a number of hearing aids listed as Cyber Week Major Wellness Deals. We skipped over real cheapies because we could see those hearing aid sales were only personal hearing amplifiers.

However, they do have a range of Otofonix products ranging from $199 to $595 that looked interesting until we discovered these were single devices, not pairs.

We can’t over emphasize how important it is to purchase Cyber Monday and Black Friday hearing aids as a pair. That’s because our ears function as a team, and need each other to know where sounds are coming from to make conversations more intelligible. We believe in this so strongly we at Blue Angels Hearing give the second hearing aid away free always deliver two in our customer’s best interests.

Hearing Aids and COVID-19 Masks

You may only realize how much you lip read when you discover you can’t make out quiet conversations in the dark, or snuggled up in bed. The Bradenton Herald from Florida in U.S. posted an item how COVID-19 face masks are making it harder for people to hear.

‘More than likely, these are people that had some kind of hearing loss prior to all this starting but they were adapting,’ says a director of a hearing clinic at University of Texas.

Every day is sale day at Blue Angels Hearing. Our special deal for hard of hearing people is ongoing, while Black Friday hearing aids and Cyber Monday hearing aids come and go.

Our price is always the same, $197.99 for a pair of digital hearing aids with one-year warranty and a written money-back guarantee. The price includes priority shipping within one business day from Chicago, Illinois. Are you ready to order your Blue Angels hearing aids now?

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