The Best Hearing Aids Near Me

The Best Hearing Aids Near Me

The store selling hearing aids nearby you may not offer the best price, although we would still say check them out. When people call and ask ‘where can I purchase the best hearing aids near me’ our answer is invariably, ‘well that depends on where you are’.

The big franchise stores including Costco, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens all claim they have best value for money. Most audiologists are also able to supply as part of the deal. Sure, you could purchase hearing aids direct from them. But when you check them out you could find you are paying mall prices and they are part of a lengthy supply chain.

Amazon claims it has best online prices, although when you do your comparison you’ll confirm Blue Angels still beats them hands down. We believe we offer best value and that’s not only on price. We are hearing aid experts, and that’s what we do best.

Where’s the Best Place to Purchase Hearing Aids Near Me?

If convenience is your main objective, then retail could be your best bet. You’ll find several hearing outlets near your location if you live in a city or large town. However, you would kid yourself if you believed you are purchasing hearing aids direct. That’s because there are few independents left in the business, unlike us.

So let’s leap in and compare Mall and High Street prices. We can expect these will be relatively high, because of the cost of rentals and shop fittings. We’ll be using Audiologists, Costco, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens for our sample. That’s because they build their brands around offering value for money.

We’ll also be using mid-range fully digital, behind-the-ear hearing aids to compare, so you can see how they stack up against Blue Angel’s price of less than $200 a pair. Then you can decide whether to purchase your hearing aids based on value. Compared to telling your friends I bought the best hearing aids near me because of the convenience.

Retail Price Comparison: Audiologists v Costco, v Wal-Mart v Walgreens


Audiologists are medical professionals that diagnose, manage, and treat hearing and balance problems. They play an essential role in the industry, and it’s not a bad idea to consult them along the road to solving your hearing.

If an audiologist advises you have an underlying medical problem, well that puts us out of frame for a while. However, if they explain you have an age-related problem it could pay you handsomely to compare their prices with ours. 

It’s not possible to determine average hearing aid prices for audiologists. However, the American Association of Retired Persons AARP said the average price of hearing aids was $4,600 a pair in 2016 so that gives you a guideline when purchasing hearing aids from an audiologist near you.


The average cost of one hearing aid was $2,372 according to US Today on November 27, 2019, and a pair $4,672. Here’s how the three largest hearing aid retailers stack up in terms of offering value for money:

Price Comparison for a Pair of Digital, Behind Ear Hearing Aids




Costco Wholesale







Company Advertises Hearing Amplifiers and Batteries


You are unlikely to get cheaper prices from these companies on the internet, possibly because of the challenge to their Mall and High Street stores. It follows you need to find a genuine internet vendor if you want to find best prices for hearing aids direct.

The Best Value Hearing Aids for Consumers on the Internet

The internet is fast becoming the best place to purchase small consumer items that ship easily. Small, behind the ear hearing aids with robust outer cases are a perfect case in point and you have these two places to look:

1. Affiliate marketers selling a variety of products on Amazon

2. Independent suppliers selling quality hearing aids direct

Hearing Amplification on Amazon

We imagined we were average shoppers on the internet looking for best hearing aids for me. That would be after we could not find what we could afford at the options we already mentioned. 

We found a number of hearing aids that were no more than volume controls with very few mentions of ‘digital’ when we looked.

While it’s true there were one or two genuine ones in the $200-plus range for a pair, our biggest problem was we had no idea who we were dealing with.

Trustable, Reliable Blue Angels Hearing Aids

We are real people with a genuine business operating from 1916 Pike Place Suite 12 #1423, Seattle, WA 98101. We are a ping away at, or a call to 800-946-1649.

We sell digital hearing aids direct for less than $200 a pair. You may have landed here after you searched for ‘best hearing aids near me’.

You can access our shop from any inter-connected device. That’s about as close to purchasing best hearing aids from a location near you as it gets. Beat that if you can.