Buying Hearing Aids on eBay

Buying Hearing Aids on eBay 

There’s not a huge difference between shopping for eBay hearing aids, and any other small gadget. The question really is, is it safe from the consumer’s point of view, and will we get the value we expect?

eBay’s actually one of the safest places to shop because you can’t catch COVID, but do be careful of hackers and make sure your antiviral software is on. Let’s say for example you are eyeing a pair of hearing aids on eBay, and the price looks a steal.

Is Buying Hearing Aids for Cheap on eBay Too Good to Be True?

No digital marketplace can thoroughly vet all its products so there is a risk from the buyer’s standpoint, although they’ll generally side with the customer in a dispute (because it makes for good politics).

However, if we end up with a pair of used eBay hearing aids when we expected mint out the box, it can take weeks to get our cash back and we may have to pay to return the goods first.

Therefore, the first question we should ask is ‘who is the person behind the advertisement’. If they don’t have an about page like the one on Blue Angels that explains everything nicely, we should say ‘why not’ and then perhaps move on.

Be suspicious about 100% ratings because a few dollars can often buy feedback on the dark side of the web. After all, a much-loved automobile giving trusty service is bound to have a few dings. Less-than-perfect feedback may be more likely to be true.

How to Shop for Hearing Aids on eBay

You’ll find most famous brands mentioned in the advertisements, if you are patient to scroll through hundreds. Of course, you may never know you have the genuine item unless you know the product well.

Most folks have a tale to tell of ending up with grey items, and almost new returns. However, they keep shopping for goods including hearing aids for sale on eBay because there are also bargains to be had.

The eBay Authenticity Guarantee

eBay tries to ensure shoppers are happy because repeat buyers are its business. It has an authenticity guarantee policy, although this only covers sneakers and watches as far as we can see.

When we shop on eBay – and we all do from time to time – we are on our own and we need to keep our minds alert. With that as general warning let’s examine a few more issues:

  1. Does eBay sell more used, than new hearing aids?
  2. What brands are out there and are they cheaper?
  3. Should we rather shop on Amazon or buy from stores?
  4. Is there somewhere else we can shop from our home?

Does eBay Sell More Used than New Hearing Aids?

It seems likely many of the hearing aids on eBay are previously used, because so few of the posts state they are new. Moreover, the major brands only supply new though dealers, or sell direct on the web.

That said, they may work, but possibly not all of them. But we have a deeper concern. That’s because the more expensive ones often need professional fitment, including purpose-made ear molds and setting up on a computer, and that adds to their cost.

Purchasing used hearing aids on eBay can be a gamble, because the previous owner discarded them for a reason that’s almost never declared.

However, some hearing aids don’t need purpose-built ear molds and setting up on a computer. These regular ones may be worth considering, but don’t assume they are selling for bargain prices so shop around.

What Brands Of Hearing Aids Does eBay Sell?

We’ve seen Phonak hearing aids on eBay, eBay posts for Siemens hearing aids, and many more popular brands. We often wonder why these mega corporates are trading through small semi-anonymous dealers, when they have their own networks, and comprehensive websites.

We don’t want to badmouth individuals wanting to earn an honest living, and we are sure there are some on eBay. Ask your questions before you order. If the vendor does not provide an inquiry email address, think carefully before you hand over your money.

Should We Shop for Hearing Aids on Amazon or Buy from Stores?

Amazon is an online retail portal often selling new and high quality items at discount prices. eBay, on the other hand, sells anything to everybody and is a great place to shop for used, collectible, and rare goods.

Amazon policy, especially their A-Z guarantee, favors purchasers when it comes to complaints, and this gives shoppers greater confidence. If shopping on the internet gives you sleepless nights find a dedicated merchant like Blue Angels Hearing, or pay higher prices at stores inflated to cover overheads.

Shop with Peace of Mind at Blue Angels Hearing

Our customers believe Blue Angels Hearing is the smart alternative to shopping with strangers on open marketplaces like eBay, and Amazon. We have been trading on the internet for more than a decade and have sold tens of thousands of brand-new, mint hearing aids to folk with mild to moderate hearing loss.

These are universal devices with user-driven settings and you won’t need an audiologist to set them up. Visit our website, check out our FAQ’s, and examine our return, refund and exchange policy.

We are the people you can trust for exceptionally fair, discount prices. Examine our products from the comfort of your home. This could be the day your hope for better hearing tapped directly on the front door.

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