“Can I Sleep in Hearing Aids?”

“Can I Sleep in Hearing Aids?”

Our days end with a nighttime routine, some combination of toothbrushing, television, medicine and putting our cell phone on the charger. And just as soon as you get in bed, you realize your hearing aids are still in your ears. So do you take the concentrated effort to take them out, or simply leave them in?

There are a few precautions we need to remember in the excitement of hearing better again. Hearing aids have a power of electronics packed in those tiny cases, and the technology is delicate as we may discover if we sleep with our hearing aids in our ears.

Hearing Aid Technology 101 – Don’t Worry This Won’t Hurt

Hearing aids are simple devices if we don’t worry too much about what’s inside them. Although we can’t recommend you nap in hearing aids, unless you’re sitting comfortably in a wing chair that supports you while you relax.

All hearing aids have three parts to them. These are (a) tiny microphones that pick up sound in the environment outside our ears, and (b) tiny ‘computers’ inside the hard outer cases that process the sounds so we can hear clearer again.

Those computers have tiny ‘loudspeakers’, and feedback loops that tell us how things are going on in their part of the world. So the bot may say things like ‘time to change the battery’, ‘I’m not fitting properly’, or ‘there’s a blockage somewhere, I’m not receiving clearly’ as can happen if we sleep in hearing aids.

The third part (c) of every hearing aid is a ‘loudspeaker’ that sends the purified, clearer sound down our ear canal to our ear drum, which sends it on via our inner ear to our mind where we actually ‘listen’. Blue Angels supplies two main types of rechargable hearing aids that should not need replacement batteries any time soon:

  • Behind-the-ear hearing aids that connect to our ear canals via flexible plastic tubes, we could bump if we nap in hearing aids.
  • In-the-ear hearing aids that don’t need plastic tubes. However, we could obstruct the flow of sound if we doze off and nap in those hearing aids.

Do Not Sleep In Your Hearing Aids - Practical Tips To Help You Remember

REMOVE YOUR HEARING AIDS EVERY NIGHT before you fall asleep, so you don’t drain the batteries, or turn over while you sleep in hearing aids and accidentally damage them.

TRY TO AVOID NAPPING IN HEARING AIDS because they could fall out if you roll over, or press hard against your ears and disturb your sleep.

GIVE YOUR EARS A CHANCE TO BREATHE to release natural humidity inside. Remove your hearing aids for a few minutes, and at night while you sleep.

GIVE YOUR OUTER EARS A BREAK AT NIGHT. Hearing aids rest on cartilage in or behind our ears. If they press down on this while dozing this could cause irritation.

What Happens if I Doze Off While Wearing Hearing Aids?

Blue Angels hearing aids have the advantage of not having hard-molded, silicon ear inserts. Ours have flexible grommets instead, and these are able to flex under pressure so they seal their ear canal softly.

If you do nap in our hearing aids while watching television, or resting your eyes, it isn’t a serious matter. However, it you were lying down that could be something else.

That something could be the case, if your hearing aids were not fitting securely when you fell asleep. One client we knew had loosened theirs to release the humidity build-up and one fell out when they dozed off.

Unfortunately, they were sitting at their study desk at the time, and when they awoke and stood up the chair wheel rolled over the hearing aid. Fortunately for them, Blue Angels hearing aids sell for affordable prices.  Just imagine if they had to buy a big-name-big-price replacement.

Trust Blue Angels for the Best Value Anywhere

While we can’t recommend sleeping with a pair of Blue Angels in your ears at night, we believe you could sleep better not fretting over a high hearing aid bill. That’s because our hearing aids are unbelievably affordable. But not quite though, because the prices of these great value lines waiting for you are for real.

But that’s not the end of our promises that should bring you sweet dreams at night, and better hearing every morning. That’s because our prices include everything you need to start hearing better again, including fast delivery to your door. And we’ll accept four interest-free payments too, because we really do want you to hear well.