Does Donald Trump Wear Hearing Aids?

Donald Trump strides the world stage, a supremely confident actor. At the same time, he seems to live for the approval of his supporters. It’s therefore a challenge to unpick the enigma of whether Donald Trump is wearing hearing aids or not. Like other world leaders we have to try and fill in the missing bits.

A Profile of the 45th President of the United States

The American media personality, businessman and politician who became president was born on June 14, 1946, and is 75 years old at the time of this writing. His profile on Wikipedia states he has never taken alcohol, smoked cigarettes, or used drugs.

Moreover, and this runs counter to regular medical opinion, Donald Trump considers exercise a waste of energy, because he believes the body is ‘like a battery, with a finite amount of energy,’ which is depleted by exercise. This could be why he uses a golf cart to walk golf courses.

Is Donald Trump Hard of Hearing Because of His Age?

If Donald Trump had hearing loss as a result of his age, then he would join the one third of Americans aged 65 to 74 with diminished hearing. Assuming that were true for a moment, then he might be part of the large group U.S. National Institute of Hearing describes as, ‘not wanting to admit they have trouble hearing’.

Does Donald Trump’s Presidential Succeedor, 46th President Joe Biden Wear Hearing Aids?

As we went one from president in their 70s to another, many would suspect President Biden to wear hearing aids. We explore more in this article fully dedicated to whether the 46th president is hard of hearing and needs hearing aids.

Check This Video Out To Explore Older Adults and Hearing Loss

How Does Donald Trump Feel About Deaf People Generally

It’s a reasonable assumption deaf people would be sympathetic to others with the same difficulty, unless of course they were cloaking their own semi-deafness. However, by the same token, normal-hearing people simply don’t understand deafness and people who are deaf.

There are two incidents involving Donald Trump and hearing loss that may or may not help us unpick whether Donald Trump has hearing aids or not:


The 45th American President ran the television series ‘Apprentice’ in a past career phase. This program rates participant’s business skills, and Donald Trump was notoriously direct when dismissing those not making the grade.

There’s a persistent rumor Trump called deaf actress Marlee Matlin ‘stupid’ when she appeared as a contestant on the show.  ‘He would often equate that she was mentally retarded,’ according to one source. But then Trump is seldom flattering about ‘losers’. Therefore this does not necessarily mean Donald is hard of hearing.


The U.S. National Association for the Deaf had a dueling session with the White House in September 2020. They wanted sign-language present during the COVID briefings, but the White House (under Donald Trump’s control at the time) was having nothing of it.

The dispute went to court where the judge ruled ‘The White House must make interpreter feeds available online and to all television networks. We can only think of two conclusions we could make from this:

ONE Donald Trump had diminished sensitivity towards deaf people at the time


TWO Donald Trump was wearing hearing aids and could not understand the fuss

Why Does Donald Trump Speak Loudly If He Has No Hearing Loss

If Donald Trump were deaf – and he were wearing hearing aids – then we would expect him to moderate his speaking volume. However, the 45th President of the United States seems to have his volume control set on high.

Of course, this could just be his forceful personality that rocketed him to the top of the free-world, and achieved his ambitions. However, there’s a third alternative we have not mentioned until now:


The Possibility Donald Trump is Hard of Hearing

We’ve sometimes noticed Donald Trump cups his ear in noisy situations, for example during media conferences. Do you think he is signing to journalists (a) ‘I want to hear from you’, or (b) ‘Please speak up’, or (c) ‘I’m not really listening, but go ahead anyway’.

However, if we assume the man is hard of hearing then things start to click into place. If we encounter an older person who talks loudly, then there is a fair to good chance they have diminished hearing, but don’t understand the advantages of wearing hearing aids.

Aren’t You Forgetting Something – What About His Hair?

While we’ll agree you could conceal a small ear trumpet in those locks, we don’t think Donald Trump is wearing hearing aids. That’s because, if he did why would he cup his ears and speak so loud? The facts simply don’t add up

Of course, we are not definitively saying Donald Trump is hard of hearing. Perhaps he talks loud as part of his brash, no nonsense style and go-getter ambition. But it might be something short of a miracle if he did not have some hearing loss at his age.

But then he would probably never admit a perceived personal weakness to anybody. So his ears and his hearing may go in history as one of America’s best kept secrets.