Does Humana Insurance Cover Hearing Aids?

Medicare Part A and Part B seldom pay for hearing tests or hearing aids. We established Blue Angels to address this unfair practice, which we believe is counter to citizen’s rights to access better hearing.

As things stand now, people who are hard of hearing have to enroll for more expensive Medicare Advantage plans. Moreover, Medicare Supplement plans do not cover hearing aids, leaving pensioners with dwindling income in a double bind.

We post this article to help hard-of-hearing people understand what Humana insurance does, and does not do to help them in their predicament. So without further ado we ask the question ‘does Humana insurance cover hearing aids’ and to what extent?

The Extent to Which Humana Insurance Covers Hearing Aids

Humana assists people with hearing difficulties through its 2020 Medicare Advantage plans. The following is a brief overview of their basic benefits, to set Humana hearing aids in perspective:

  • Hearing, vision, and dental coverage, fitness programs, and post-operation home meal delivery
  • An allowance for over-the-counter personal care items in most Humana Medicare Advantage plans
  • Home support for care givers, transport for medical appointments / gym, and acupuncture with Select Advantage plans

Why Are Hearing Aids Not Included in Regular Medical Insurance?

That question is not posed 100% correctly. A few states in the U.S. do provide limited hearing aid assistance. For example, twenty of them expect health insurers, including Humana insurance to provide assistance for children.

Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island extend this support to hearing aids for adults, according to American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. However, once again the benefits vary from state to state.

Where these benefits are not available, Humana clients have to rely on one of three HumanaChoice Medicare Advanced plans. All three Humana hearing aid schemes have the following in common:

  • All schemes use preferred provider organizations
  • There is no charge for routine, annual examinations
  • Prior authorization is required for hearing examinations
  • Hearing aid fitting and three evaluations a year are free
  • There is a $45 copayment for Medicare cover benefits
  • Hearing aid copayments are between $399 and $699 each
  • The Humana schemes only cover two hearing aids a year

But I’ve Seen Cheaper Hearing Aids on the Internet

Well that’s precisely the point why we wrote this article. Why wade through all that bureaucracy and still have to pay more? However, we are not for a moment suggesting this is the scam. It’s the result of a top heavy system involving well-meaning people, and it affects Humana hearing aids too.

  • A hearing aid manufacturer makes hearing aids and adds a modest margin to their expenses
  • Their administrative wing manages a preferred provider scheme at an additional cost
  • Their preferred providers equip, staff and manage outlets in top-end, expensive accommodation
  • In parallel, health insurers set up complex systems to sell coverage to clients and administer their claims

When we run the numbers we have only one inescapable conclusion. And this is hearing aid users pay many times more for the system, than they do for their hearing aids.

Therefore, while Humana insurance does cover hearing aids, most of the money goes to propping up a money guzzling system. And that money, by the way comes from the pockets of medical insurance clients.

But again, this is not a scam.  Humana hearing aid costs are forced on them by the system. They have to adapt, or lose their customers to the competition. But there’s one exception to this rule.

Blue Angels Hearing Is an Outstanding Exception to This ‘Rule’

We are not affiliated to the hearing aid system in America. We have not undertaken to keep the cost of hearing aids high, by following outdated business practices consumers pay for in the end.

We are independent suppliers of quality hearing aids on the internet, where procedures can be simple, quick, and inexpensive. We represent a hearing aid manufacturer with who we share the belief of keeping things simple, so our customers beat the system, every time.

That way, we are on the same page when a customer places their order. Our systems are perfectly meshed, and every order goes out precisely to customer specifications. This is what enables Blue Angels able to supply hearing aids equal to and better than Humana hearing aids, for far less.

You came here; you asked the question ‘does Humana insurance cover hearing aids’. The correct answer is yes, they do. But the whole truth is Blue Angels supplies the same quality at a fraction of the price. You heard us right! We bill you $200 for a pair including delivery to your door.

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Moreover, our customers tell us our systems beat the Medicare system hands down. We don’t ask for expensive audiologist reports, and time-consuming pre-authorizations. Just complete a simple form and pay a remarkably low price. And you could be hearing better in a few days without subsidizing the system.