Does President Elect Joe Biden Wear Hearing Aids?

Is Joe Biden hard of hearing? He’s no youngster, the oldest President ever elected, so many would assume he does. Let’s see if evidence supports the notion that Joe Biden may have age-related hearing loss and wears hearing aids.

Let’s Ask The National Institute of Deafness for Advice

The National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, NIDCD says loss of hearing gradually occurs in most of us as we grow older. In fact, it is one of the commonest health conditions affecting older and elderly citizens.

Men are twice as likely to have hearing loss as women at age 69. And this condition, if not treated, can make it hard to enjoy talking with people leading to feelings of isolation.

The good news, as we know, is a pair of hearing aids should improve age-related hearing loss in over 90% of cases, meaning hard of hearing is not something we have to accept.

Would Joe Biden Benefit from Hearing Aids Based on This?

Joe Biden seems to fit the mold in terms of national deafness statistics. Being male and aged 78 increases the probability of Joe Biden’s hearing fading.  He also supports expanding health insurance coverage to 97% of Americans, according to Dylan Scott in a post on VOX

This poses the question: Is Joe Biden deaf because of an underlying medical condition? We do know that certain diseases including meningitis, mumps, cytomegalovirus, chickenpox, meniere’s disease, and severe cases of jaundice can cause hearing loss.

Let’s Draw Joe Biden’s Medical File and Find Out

We checked a report on WebMD dated October 28, 2020. The author says the oldest-president-in-waiting is ‘quite healthy, vigorous and fit’. He takes blood thinners and medication for acid reflux, cholesterol, and seasonal allergies, and has had sinus surgery, gall bladder removal, and several non-melanoma skin cancers removed.

However, Joe Biden is taking good care of his health, the report continues. He does not use tobacco or drink alcohol, and exercises 5 days a week. His vital signs were good when examined. He was 5 feet, 11 inches tall, weighed 178 pounds, and had a blood pressure of 128/84.

Are We Any Closer to Knowing if Joe Biden Wears Hearing Aids?

Our final line of exploration is whether Joe Biden is hard of hearing because of prolonged exposure to very loud noise. We drew a blank here because his career trajectory was law school, legal practice and then politics.

However, it still seems possible Joe Biden’s hearing has become dull because of age-related hearing loss. There have been rumors circulating he wears a ‘flesh colored earpiece’ during debates so someone else dictates the answers. We’ll set that one aside as it’s unsubstantiated.

 If Joe Biden Is Not Deaf, Then How About Donald Trump?

Current president Donald Trump aligns with the average demographic in terms of age and gender. WebMD describes him as ‘obese but in good health’. Seems to be an oxymoron, but we’ll move on. The 72-year-old, 6-foot 3-inch man weighed 239 pounds on February 15, 2019, Web MD claims. However, this does not necessarily increase the likelihood of Donald Trump being hard of hearing.

There’s some truth in the theory that world leaders allow their personal situation to influence their policies. If that’s the case with Donald Trump, his hearing must be superb.

That’s because The National Association of the Deaf had to file a lawsuit on August 3, 2020 to compel him to provide sign language interpreters at White House coronavirus press conferences and briefings in order to make them accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people.

Why Is Being a Hard-of-Hearing President Such a Big Deal?

Beltone reports a number of U.S. Presidents were hard of hearing, and yet this did not hold them back from doing their job as they saw it.

  1. George Washington was an army general before he assumed the highest office. Loud sounds, shouting, rifles and cannons may have been why it was difficult for him to follow conversations in his final years.
  2. Thomas Jefferson was an avid hunter and so gunshots near his ears were common. He wrote in his journal how his hearing, ‘was distinct in particular conversation, but confused when several voices cross each other, which unfits me for the society of the table’. 
  3. Theodore Roosevelt was completely deaf in one ear following surgery to remove an abscess from his ear drum.
  4. Ronald Reagan was the first known U.S. president to wear hearing aids while in office. His problems began when a .38 caliber firearm went off too close to one ear.
  5. Bill Clinton loved to play a saxophone and surround himself with music. He wore nearly invisible hearing aids from 1997 onwards and encouraged people to check their hearing and discuss hearing aids.

We don’t believe it would be a big deal if Joe Biden was hard of hearing and wore hearing aids - or Donald Trump for that matter. We surround ourselves with all sorts of wearable digital devices, and carry laptops and smart phones everywhere we go.

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