Free Online Hearing Test for Seniors

If we are born under an ideal set of conditions, we may have perfect hearing as a kid and perhaps never need a free online hearing test for seniors. However, as sure as we may think twice before we dance the rumba in our sixties, there’s an above average chance our hearing (and our balance) may gradually deteriorate.

This Gradual Deterioration May Not Be Across All Frequencies

Sound varies across frequencies through a spectrum of pitches. The lower sounds humans can hear are like the deep bass pipes of a giant cathedral organ while we can compare the higher ones to the shrill cries of cicadas at the height of summer.

However, if our hearing is imperfect or fades with age, then the loss is not the same across the frequency spectrum. Age-related hearing loss generally affects the higher tones.

That’s why we may no longer be able to hear phones ringing clearly if we are in our mid-fifties, and beyond. An online hearing test detects where hearing sharpness is weak. From those results, we can shop online for hearing aids that help us hear better again.

Frequency of Sounds

Points on the Frequency Range (Click to Wikipedia to Hear Sample Sounds)

A free online hearing test for seniors - and other hard-of-hearing people - can help us obtain an overview of the quality of our hearing. If we are mild to moderately deaf then a hearing aid could help us recover some of that hearing loss.

However, at this point we need to make one important point clear. Blue Angels hearing aids – or any other assisted hearing devices - can’t fix lost hearing. However, they can help you hear better by processing sound before it reaches your eardrums.

How a Pure Tone Audiometry Test Online Assesses Hearing Acuity

Pure tone audiometry is by far the commonest hearing test. You could have a free audiometry test at a hearing aid store, or you could do a free online hearing test for seniors at a number of sites that essentially do the same thing.

However, before you begin you may like to consider a physical ear examination first where a specialist examines your ear canals as far as your eardrums using an otoscope magnifying torch. They should be able to tell you whether your hearing loss is down to an infection, or a lump of earwax perhaps.

Audiometry Testing at Eight Standard Frequencies

Audiometry testing determines the air and bone conduction threshold for each ear. You will experience this as a standard series of eight pitches each becoming quieter one at a time. Your job will be to indicate each time you hear a sound.

The result is a computer plot called an audiogram which shows the softest point at which you heard each of the standard series of sounds per ear. A typical senior’s test sheet will show their hearing becomes weaker as the frequencies rise.


Tone Audiogram of a Person with Very Bad Hearing (Image Welleschik BY CC 3.0)

How to Test Your Hearing at the Key Frequencies

There are loads of hearing aid providers offering free hearing tests. That’s because they know people will only visit them if they have hearing problems. The hearing test provides an opportunity to prove their bona fides which is half way to a successful sale.


  1. Make an appointment for a free hearing test with an audiologist you can trust to maintain high Covid standards during the examination. They will ask you to sit in a sound-proof booth wearing headphones. After a while you will hear a sound that gradually becomes quieter each time it appears.

You push the button in your hand each time, until you no longer hear the sound. After a little while the next one appears, and so you continue until the door opens and the audiologist tells you the test is over and shows you the result.

Medical Professional Observing Hearing Test (Image Flávia Costa BY CC 3.0)


  1. Do a free online hearing test for seniors in the privacy and safety of your own home. You will need a quiet setting, and a pair of good headphones to obtain a reliable audiometry reading.

You push the enter key on your computer or phone each time, a sound appears, until you no longer hear the sound. After a little while the next one appears. When the test is over you receive a free assessment of your hearing.

Some of the online hearing tests available from Beltone, Starkey, Widex and so on are a little different because they also feature a human voice saying dog, cat, house etc. Blue Angels Hearing supports that idea, because what deaf people want most is to understand conversations again.

Late Night Rendezvous for a Hearing Test Online (Image M Kosut BY CC 2.0)

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