Good Hearing Matters Even More with Covid-19

By now we understand how the virus works. We catch Covid-19 from other people, just like we do with influenza. However, the coronavirus is a more serious matter and we must remember to keep our distance. That’s why good hearing matters even more with Covid-19 and there are several reasons.

Good Hearing Matters Even More with Covid-19 and This Is Why

The virus disease is a two-way street. People can give it to us and we can give to them. To complicate matters further the symptoms take a while to show. Here’s how hearing difficulties compound this.

  • Hard of hearing people talk loudly because they can’t hear themselves properly either.
  • Normal hearing people speak back loudly too, so hard of hearing people can hear them
  • Talking loudly compared to softly increases the volume of the airflow, and potentially virus transmission
  • The parties to the conversation stand closer to each other so they don’t have to shout

Good hearing really does matter more during the Covid-19 break out. And there’s a good chance the disease will be around us for longer than we want. We have to regard it as ‘the new normal’ for a while, and adapt our behavior accordingly.

How Our Human Voice Works to Create Words

We don’t often think about things that matter most to us. Like praising our partner and telling them how much they matter. Communicating by speaking and hearing are another case in point. This is how the human voice box uses air to form words.

  • Our lungs produce an airflow to vibrate the vocal folds also called cords
  • These vocal cords vibrate, making audible pulses in our larynx AKA voice box
  • Our larynx tweaks the pulses to fine tune the pitch and tone of the sound
  • Then our tongue, palate, cheeks, lips and so on articulate it and filter it

How Words Travel Between Two People

The sound moves through the air disturbing the molecules and creating vibrations we recognize as words and other sounds. Our ears pick these up and convert them to neural signals our brains interpret and understand.

This system depends on the quality of transmission and reception. If you ever played a poor quality recording over cheap speakers then you’ll know what we mean.

Does This Mean I Should Visit a Hearing Aid Store?

You probably could, if your hearing deteriorated perhaps as you aged. Good hearing matters even more with the Covid-19 outbreak because of social distancing. Although if you visit a brick-and-mortar store the technician will be close to you when they fit and demonstrate your new hearing aids.

However, that’s not necessary with us because our digital hearing aids are click and play, and you can adjust them yourself to suit your preference. Perhaps that’s why our order book is busier than usual during the Covid-19 epidemic.

However, it could also be because our customers are hunting for real value during the economic slowdown. We haven’t adjusted our prices as a result. This is because we don’t charge extra just because more people need their hearing fixed.

Eccentric Madame de Meuron with Ear Trumpet: Unknown Author BY Public Domain

Mall Stores Are Shut despite Hearing Mattering More with Covid-19

We are surprised so many hearing aid stores remain closed in malls and high street locations. Some are in compulsory lockdown; others do this by choice depending on where they are.

Our hearing aids come in sealed boxes direct from our factory where they manufacture them in hygienic conditions. Only you need ever touch the hearing aids you get from your Blue Angels. We can’t promise the same where other people are involved.

Our Ecommerce Store is Way Ahead of the Curve

Governments keep telling media that businesses must do more trading on the internet, because this reduces the risk of infection. But the response they get is to stop the shut down, and reopen the city.

We moved our business to the internet long before this happened, and we are continuing trading as before. Our promise to you is we will never shut down. Our phones will never ring unanswered behind locked doors. We will be here for you no matter what it takes, with our state-of-art hearing aids.

The Blue Angels Special Offer While Stocks Last

We are offering not one, but two digital hearing aids for the special low price of $197.99 for both including all the attachments. That’s right! There are no hidden extras and options when you purchase your hearing aids from Blue Angels. Why not take a look while the offer is open. Good hearing matters even more with Covid-19.