Your Hearing Aid FAQs Answered

Your Hearing Aid FAQs Answered

Partial deafness and selective hearing of certain, higher pitches comes on us stealthily, like the proverbial thief in the night. It’s surprisingly often the result of our audio systems aging, but who will willingly volunteer for hearing aid help? Getting answers for hearing aid FAQ are the last thing on our minds, because we are in denial.

But Perhaps We Should Ask Those Questions So We Know

John Hopkins Medicine put out a recent post summarizing the questions their clients most frequently ask. These are not that different from our own experience, and so we thought they would make a useful post.

9 Popular Hearing Aid FAQ

9: Have I Reached the Point I Need Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are a lifestyle, seldom a medical choice. Chatting with friends and family is as essential as breathing. If you are having difficulty following conversations then your hearing has likely deteriorated.  You have reached the point where you need hearing aids. But the big question is, what are you going to do about it?

8: The Big Hearing Aid FAQ – So Can I Fix My Hearing?

Unfortunately not: Your hearing system is worn down, but medical science can’t fix it. Hearing aids just help you hear better with what you still have. Smart scientists found a way to beef up the frequencies of human speech, and tone down the rest. Then they popped this into hearing aids that are increasingly common nowadays.

7: Are You Saying That Will Be a Permanent Fix?

Nope, that’s definitely not the case, although some audiologist stores don’t always answer this hearing aid FAQ outright. Your hearing aids should last five years if you look after them properly. By then, technology should have advanced to the point where you will benefit from an upgrade.

6: Good Point. I’ve Heard the Batteries Are Expensive

Single-use batteries are not that expensive. The nuisance factor is replacing them 125 to 250 times over five years. They also lose their power slowly, so your hearing is not always as good. Better hearing aids have batteries that are rechargable overnight. These could last five years without replacing.

5: Do I Need Two Hearing Aids?

We have two ears, but they seldom deteriorate at the same rate. There are a couple reasons why two hearing aids are preferable:

  • Your brain should interpret speech better if it receives two signals
  • You should hear speech equally clearly from either side of your head
  • Dual signals help your brain figure out where sounds are coming from

4: Will Conversations Be Crystal Clear Right Away?

Correction: This is another misunderstood hearing aid FAQ. Hearing aids make conversation understandable, not good as new. However, your brain will need to become used to the improved quality. This may take a few weeks. Conversation may sound louder at first, but you can turn the volume down lower.

3: This Sounds Easier Than I Thought. Why Are Hearing Aids Expensive?

Hearing aids do not have to be expensive. Most of the cost is down to a long supply chain, retail accommodation, and store assistants. You can bypass these unnecessary outlays that don’t add value by purchasing direct from Blue Angels. Follow that link to learn how this works.

2: What Style of Hearing Aid Should I Choose?

Blue Angels supplies three different types of rechargeable hearing aids. We have entry-level and advanced hearing aids that fit behind your ears, and ones that go in your ear canal so they are almost invisible. The prices PER PAIR range from $397.99 to $597.99. The cost includes delivery, tools and charging cases.

1: Where’s the Best Place to Purchase Hearing Aids?

The internet is the best place to purchase hearing aids, unless you want to prop up an antiquated system where you pay for more than your hearing aids. Check out the supplier carefully. Do they deliver ex-stock? How long does delivery take? Do they have a return-and-refund policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

You Can Trust Blue Angels to Deliver on Promises

We hope you found those nine hearing aid FAQ helpful. We like our customers to understand how our hearing aids work, and what they will do before they place their order and release payment.

You’ll find loads more information by returning to our blog page and exploring our free knowledge base. We began our business when an elderly relative could not afford the cost of hearing aids in stores.

Our commitment has always been, and remains to supply decent, rechargeable, no-nonsense hearing aids real people can afford. That’s folk like you and we for whom every dime counts. And, if we are not satisfied with a purchase, get our money-back too.