Hearing Loss Unpacked For You

Hearing loss refers to the progressive, partial, or complete loss of functionality for one or both our ears. If you have complained about people talking quietly, indistinctly, or mumbling recently, you may well have mild to moderate loss of hearing.

But do ask your medical provider to physically inspect your ears during your next appointment? That’s because something might be blocking them, for example ear wax or an ear infection.

If you turn out to have mild to moderately impaired hearing (as opposed to a physical stoppage) then you can take comfort you are not alone. As many as 50 million Americans may have hearing loss, but this is impossible to calculate because most of them are unaware of what they are missing.

The Main Causes for Hearing Loss Today

The inside of the ear as it relates to your hearing

Structure of the Human Ear (Image Credit Chittka L, Brockmann BY CC 2.5

The human ear comprises an outer and inner part separated by the tympanic membrane (ear drum). We call mild to moderate loss of hearing in the outer / middle ear ‘conductive loss’, because it relates to the transfer of sound vibrations.

Whereas ‘sensorineural loss’ - affecting the transmission of messages to the brain - originates in the inner ear. Neither of these conditions is medically treatable, but they may combine to produce a single symptom.

People with mild to moderate hearing loss, therefore, really only have two choices:

OPTION 1: Put up with it, but face steadily deteriorating social interaction.

OPTION 2: Improve the quality of your hearing loss with hearing aids

Factors in Day to Day Living Causing Loss of Hearing

The number of Americans with hearing loss is increasing steadily. This is significantly due to ongoing exposure to loud noises at work according to WebMD. However, it is also due to concentrated listening to loud sounds through speakers and headphones.

But why are we not all equally affected? It’s because certain factors like illness, genetics, and aging act as triggers, but only for some of us. It’s never too late to change our lifestyle to avoid these loud noises wherever possible.

Hearing Loss Is Often a Gradual, Creeping Process

It’s quite possible to go suddenly deaf from an illness or an exceptionally loud noise, in which case we should seek urgent medical attention. However, that said we are far more likely to experience hearing loss so gradually we don’t even notice.

It becomes a new normal in which we accept that people talk quietly, indistinctly, or mumble. However, if we reach the stage where our life partner or other special person tells us to ‘listen up and stop saying what’s that’ then we might have to do something about it.

Unpacking the Process of Diminishing Hearing

We can view our ears as three parts of a common structure, all of which may be the locus of hearing loss:

Sound waves travel down our OUTER EAR, where they cause our ear drum to vibrate. The tiny malleus and incus bones in our MIDDLE EAR amplify these vibrations before they pass them on to our INNER EAR.

There, mechanisms convert those rhythms to electrochemical signals they forward down a nerve to our ‘central processing brain’.  This interprets them as sounds we recognize in our minds. This all happens in a flash, instantaneously.

Those mechanisms in our inner ears are tiny and delicate. Loss of hearing most often begins when we are in our fifties, and very gradually. If we thought about it at the time, we might have said ‘my ears are no longer what they were when I was young, just like the rest of my body’.

How to Slow Down Your Hearing Loss

There’s nothing we can do turn back the clock of the damage that already occurred. But there are definitely some things we can do to slow down the process according to Mayo Clinic.

HAVE A HEARING TEST to understand your situation better. They may try to sell you rechargeable hearing aids on the turn. Get a quote from Blue Angels Hearing first to compare prices.

PROTECT YOUR EARS in noisy situations with glycerin-filled earmuffs or plastic earplugs. Don’t get put off by what other people say. You only have two ears!

RECONSIDER YOUR LEISURE TIME. You can’t always control what happens at work, and in public spaces. But you can manage how you spend your spare time. How do you spend yours in terms of noisy activities hammering your ear drums?

Where to Shop for Rechargeable Hearing Aids

All hearing aids work basically the same, although some have gadgets and gizmos that increase the price. Why not consider purchasing a cheaper introductory model first, to make sure this is what you really want?

Blue Angels rechargeable hearing aids are available from us at remarkably reasonable prices. Why not click on the link? Who knows, simplicity could be exactly what you want at this time in your life.

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