How Hearing Aids Can Change Your Life

Hearing loss doesn’t discriminate against people no matter your status, rich and famous or poor and modest. Thousands of people discovered how hearing aids can change your life when they clicked a link to our Blue Angels website.

You could to the same for less than $200 including delivery to your doorstep. Perhaps shyness or pride is at the root of your reticence. However, you might think differently when you discover how many people already crossed over the bridge.

Movers and Shakers with Hearing Loss

The average age of hearing aid users in the United States is 70 years old. Some of these folks were born with the deficit through genetics or medical trauma. However, the majority experience age related hearing loss as their sensory system gradually slows down.

A number of famous people in the past never knew how hearing aids could have changed their lives because the devices were not available back then. Top of mind comes author Helen Keller, composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, inventor-entrepreneur Thomas Edison, and artist Francisco Goya.

However, if they were around now, we’re confident they would have considered our money-back guarantee and ordered a pair of behind-the-ear digital hearing aids from Blue Angels for under $200, including delivery to their door.

Famous People Who Agree Hearing Aids Can Change Your Life


Whoopi Goldberg told National Enquirer she had hearing loss due to ‘years and years of listening to music so loudly and so close to the delicate ear drum’.

We’re not sure whether this was occupational hearing loss, or a passion she developed at home. However, the strength of the evidence is she does not have age related hearing loss as such. In case you wondered, she conceals her hearing aids with her hair.


Do you remember Gerard Butler? He starred in the movie version of Phantom of the Opera, 300 and many other films. We doubt many movie goers pinned to their seats would have known he’s seriously deaf in one ear from a botched surgery when he was a kid.


Who would have believed the driving force and lead guitarist of The Who is totally deaf in one ear. He blames this on the use of headphones in recording studios while playing back music tracks. While he admits playing live gigs for one of the loudest rock acts in the world, he is a living legend proving hearing aids can change your life. He adds this plus other technology makes him feel reborn.


Brian Wilson proved non age related hearing loss does not have to be an impediment, despite having near total deafness in one ear from an incident in childhood. Still, he went on to conquer his impediment and become one of the 20th century’s most cherished songwriters. We remember his singing with affection; however we particularly value the positive example he is.


Eris Clapton developed tinnitus and hearing loss after decades of singing and playing guitar. At the time he had no idea of the risks he was facing. Years later he learned the truth, started protecting his hearing, and acquired his first hearing aids. He is living proof hearing aids can change your life and you can continue with it largely as you did before.

Making the Transition to Better Hearing

If you are hard of hearing it may mean your physical system is dull, and sounds are quieter than they used to be. This is likely the case if you are the only person in your family consistently saying ‘what’s that’?

Digital hearing aids are electronic devices that amplify sounds to overcome this disadvantage. They should make your hearing easier whether you have damaged hearing from loud sounds, or are suffering from age-related hearing loss.

But it’s our duty to tell you it will never be as good as it was the day you were born.  Nothing is as good as the original design. However, your major problem could be you feel embarrassed about wearing them.

Most People Don’t Notice Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids

Nobody we know goes around peering at the back of people’s heads, unless they recently got their own hearing aids and are comparing designs. We believe they should walk tall, and be proud of ‘their new ears’ so to speak.

Blue Angels offers the perfect workaround to these concerns. Our refund policy generously allows customers to return their hearing aids within 30 days if not completely satisfied.

This means you can experience the pleasure of hearing better through Blue Angels tucked discreetly behind your ears. For the low, low price of under $200, post, packaging and delivery included when we bill your payment method.

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