How Long Does it Take to Get Used to a Different Hearing Aid?

Our brains adjust to signals that hearing aids send them and interpret them as sounds. This fine tuning can take as long as three weeks to complete. If we introduce new hearing aids to this situation, then we disturb the balance and a new period of adjustment follows that takes time too.

However, there’s no precision clockwork involved here. How long it takes to get used to different hearing aids depends on individual factors. The way we approach the situation can be the critical success factor. Let’s find out why and how to use this to our advantage.

Start at the Beginning One Step at the Time

Web MD recommends familiarizing with the basics before fitting a new hearing aid. This may be a more powerful one to accommodate greater age related hearing loss. Alternatively, the average age of hearing aid users does mean they occasionally fall into the bath, or worse.

But no worries, a new hearing aid is a fresh start. Begin by examining its features and reading the instruction booklet through to the end. Then turn it on and learn to fit the earbud correctly without causing a whistling sound, suggesting sound waves are escaping past it.

Next Steps in Getting Used to a Different Hearing Aid

Expect to experience ‘finger problems’ running in a new hearing aid,.

  1. The fit may feel uncomfortable at first, however just like with a new denture it’s your body that must adjust, not the hearing aid.
  2. Very lightly lubricate the earbud with medical-grade olive oil. Wipe as much away as you can. You will find this helps the earbud slide into the right position.
  3. Background noises and the sound of your own voice will sound louder. That’s normal; your hearing aid is doing its job. Give your brain time to ignore this.
  4. Treat a return of the whistling sound as useful information. It is telling you the earbud is loose, or earwax is blocking it. If so, use one of the tools provided to clear it.

Age Related Hearing Loss and Average Age of Users

Those two factors can make us irritated when we can’t hear what people are saying properly. Getting angry about it achieves nothing except raising blood pressure, and we don’t want that! The rest of the world does not know we have a new hearing aid and if we tell family and friends they soon forget.

If we want to get used to a different hearing aid without fuss and drama, we therefore need to manage the situation. If we find conversation difficult while our brain is adjusting, we should explain our situation to others. We should find them patient and happy to assist. However, we need to guide them how they can help.

  1. Explain you have age related hearing loss and are getting used to a new hearing aid.
  2. Ask the other people in the conversation to speak slowly and clearly, so you can get input from them.

Try to face the person speaking in order to get maximum advantage from these tips.

Give It Time and Try Not to Be Too Hasty

Experience with a previous hearing aid will have taught you your brain needs time to adapt. This should happen in a few days if you purchased the same make and model again. But it could take up to three weeks if you shift to different technology.

So be gentle with yourself. Wear the new hearing aid as often as possible, to shorten the time to relay clear sounds to your mind. Whatever you do, don’t get discouraged.

How Blue Angels Can Help Get a New Hearing Aid

The average age of Blue Angels hearing aid users is around fifty five years. That figures, because our market is age related hearing loss. We have come to understand the market well over the years, and especially the concern some people have with purchasing technology over the internet.

Therefore, we proudly offer a money-back guarantee as part of every deal. We’ll gladly take orders back within thirty days of receipt of goods, provided there is no wear and tear, and they are in the original packaging.

If this policy sets your mind at rest, then we invite you to purchase your next (or first) set of hearing aids from us. We are able to supply them for under $200 a pair, including priority shipping, thanks to the economies of scale we achieve over the internet.

And that will be the upper limit of your loss if you drop them in the bath, or worse. Why spend thousands of dollars more on something more expensive, when Blue Angels could have you hearing better, sooner for a fraction of the price?

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