How To Find A Hearing Aid Near You

It takes a while to come to terms with the years passing us by and not being able to do the things we used to when we were young. But those of us who are a little older can give thanks for having lived through such interesting times.

Take technology, for example. Some of us have jumped through the hoops from sharp pocket calculators to smart cellphones, not to mention watching the transition from bulky hearing aids in top pockets, to tiny ones tucked in or behind ears.

Speaking of hearing aids, it can take a while before the penny drops we could benefit from them, although we put the decision off because we have heard they are pricey. But eventually we have to throw in the towel, and start asking where can I purchase a hearing aid near me I can afford?

How to Find a Hearing Aid on Your Phone

We have yet to find a hearing aid app built into a smartphone, although phone-hearing-aid Wi-Fi is getting smarter. A phone is just too bulky to replace the compact hearing aids on special from Blue Angels right now. But through the power of Google location searching, we can still ask where can I find a hearing aid store near me.

The hearing aid search-results on your phone will likely reveal a well-oiled industry making good money. And no wonder when National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders says:

  • One in three seniors between 65 and 74 in United States have hearing loss
  • Men in their 50s are 3 times as likely than women of the same age to have it
  • Some 91% of adults with hearing loss are likely to be aged 50 and older

Your search results will most likely to turn up leading hearing aid manufacturers, and big box stores. In fact, that’s where much of the big money is, and they are experts at getting to the top of Google.

Where Americans Shop for Their Hearing Aids… Mostly

We say ‘mostly’ because most Americans still shop the old-fashioned way by walking into stores. Some 22% of hearing aids are supplied by Veterans Association according to Hearing Health Matters, while the rest are all privately sourced one way or the other in a number of ways outside of VA:

  • Independents, small chains and buying groups 52%
  • The famous big name brands supplying directly 35%
  • Costco, Walmart, and CVS Pharmacy stores 13%

As a general rule of thumb – and of course there are exceptions – prices from independents tend to be higher than retail chains, because the latter purchase in bulk.

So Where Can I Find an Affordable Hearing Aid Near Me?

The answer is, unfortunately, with some difficulty. Hearing aids are becoming cheaper to make, but the savings are not always showing on the price tags. Perhaps this is because hearing aids are mega business, and mega business tends to attract corporate overheads?

Whatever the case, Globe Newswire reported the following on November 9, 2020:

  • The hearing aid market was worth USD 8.39 billion in 2018
  • The North American share of this was USD 3.19 billion
  • Global demand will rise to USD 14.45 billion by the end of 2026

Clearly, the hearing aid industry is on the growth trail, and needs cash for expansion. Meanwhile, its retail outlets are trapped in a spiral of upgrades.

The Disruptive Third Force Challenging This Virtual Monopoly

The U.S. hearing aid industry has crafted a scenario whereby hearing aids are medical equipment requiring on-site testing, and fitment by para medical specialists.

Now while we agree a hearing examination can be a wise idea, that’s not the same as saying people with age-related hearing loss need pay an inflated price for what is essentially a retail sale.

Therefore, if your requirement is an affordable hearing aid sourced conveniently near you, perhaps you should consider purchasing from the comfort of your home? After all, if you can purchase your medication that way, then why not a pair of affordable hearings aids too?

There’s a disruptive movement of people purchasing hearing aids on the internet, and a lot more items besides. This side of the market is not complacent as the retail stores have become. It is highly competitive, and there are quality items and bargains to be had there.

Blue Angels Hearing entered this market eleven years ago, while the rest of the industry was slumbering. You could find your hearing aids on your phone by following this link as tens of thousands have done.

Our unbeatable prices range from $297.99 to $597.99 PER HEARING AID PAIR including priority shipping direct, and a written money-back guarantee you can check out right here. We have stock and we are keen to do business.

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