Is Jeff Kober Deaf?

Blue Angels behind-the-ear hearing aids are small, flesh-colored and difficult to spot. While our in-ear ones are almost invisible, especially if you have a loose strand of hair flowing nearby.

This makes for a great guessing game when we chat about famous personalities over morning coffee. Is Joe Biden deaf we wonder?  And what about Donald Trump with his signature locks?

Today, we move the debate across to Hollywood, where we ponder what’s behind actor Jeff Kober’s elegant hair style. Is Jeff Kober deaf, our cinema hero from fan-favorites like China Beach, Sons of Anarchy, and The Walking Dead?

Does it really matter? Of course not, although we do want to satisfy our curiosity over such a famous character and delightful personality.

Is Jeff Kober Likely to be Deaf Based on his Age? 

Our topic for today is a 67-year-old American male. Yes, we know that, but it’s relevant to the likelihood of him wearing hearing aids. Jeff’s Wikipedia page is thin on the details of his family and upbringing, except he studied acting in Los Angeles in his twenties. 

This gets us no closer to knowing whether we would find a pair of Jeff Kober hearing aids silently charging on the dresser while he slept. But no worries, stay with us a while longer while we try to resolve the uncertainty.

However, and this is a firm fact, the National Institute of Deafness says men are twice as likely as women to have hearing loss. And we can expect this with greater certainty in the 60 to 69 age group, making Jeff Kober more likely to be partly deaf.

The National Institute of Hearing says those hearing problems are more likely to occur among people who worked in noisy setting for over five years. If Hollywood sets are as noisy as movies in cinemas are, we would expect to find more than a few actors’ hearing aids if we looked under their hair.

What Do Secondary Sources Say About Jeff Kober's Hearing

We tumbled over a link to in a Google search, and had the opportunity to tune in to a conversation flowing. Smoken asked if Jeff Kober wore hearing aids in the movie Cyrus. To which ClassyGirl27 responded ‘I’m a hearing specialist so I always notice when someone has hearing aids - yes he does. He seems to only wear one from what I’ve seen.’

Other members in the chat suggested actor Jeff Kober swops a single hearing aid between his ears. This would make it more likely to be a communication device used on movie sets, along the lines of what announcers use on TV news channels to receive updates from their editors.

But perhaps Diva4adayredux gave the clincher in the chat when they commented, ‘I think maybe having a hearing issue might explain why he enunciates so clearly, like he’s making sure every word he says is heard and understood.’

Why Are Jeff Kober Hearing Aids Such a Big Deal?

Making a fuss over whether Jeff Kober is deaf, is overlooking the obvious fact deafness is rare. The National Association of the Deaf comments it is surprisingly common, although only one-in-five affected people have hearing aids.

This could be the case because the other 80% don’t want to be singled out in chatrooms and the like. However, the National Association of the Deaf would rather see famous deaf people become role models, even ambassadors for those still living in the shadows of partial deafness.

They invite famous names who are partly deaf to ‘participate in the social, cultural, political, and legal life of the community who exist outside the parameters of the hearing world. And we should imagine Jeff would be a natural.

Is It Time for Actor Jeff Kober to Out Himself?

To our knowledge Jeff Kober has never denied his deafness, nor admitted it. So we suppose he could be keeping his partial deafness a secret, to maintain his brand in terms of macho Hollywood values. That’s okay with us, Jeff.

It’s okay with us because we are thrilled you may have discovered the freedom hearing aids bring. That’s freedom to take part in regular conversations again, and dare we say hear every amazing word you spoke in your brilliant movies.

But we would be even happier (assuming you really are deaf) if you flicked your hair away in your next television interview, just for a moment to reveal the real truth. You would inspire other people to overcome their hearing difficulties too, and invest in almost-invisible hearing aids the way we suspect you did.