Mastering the Settings on Your Hearing Aids

Mastering the settings on your hearing aids promotes a lifelong experience with simple technology that brings your social life alive again. That’s because hearing aids have different settings for different occasions that bring your age related hearing loss under control again.

As you learn these settings you’ll find ways to make it easier for you to understand what people are saying, although we won’t claim you’ll never say ‘what’s that’ again. The average age of hearing aid users when they choose their first set of hearing aids is 55.6 years. They have mastered the technology. And so can you!

Getting Used to Technology before Adjusting Settings on Your Hearing Aids

We recommend you get used to your new hearing aids on factory pre-settings, before experimenting with them. They won’t give you perfect hearing, but yours will definitely improve as you adjust.

After a little while you’ll hear the phone ringing in another room again, and the washing machine telling you it has completed its routine. The average age of hearing aid users being what it is, means we may shun new technology, or blunder into it and become confused. We wrote this article to avoid this happening.

You have probably had age related hearing loss for quite a while, as it crept up on you silently. Loud crowds and difficulty hearing words on television won’t disappear from your life. However, once you master the settings on your hearing aids, things should improve. And that’s a promise based on feedback from thousands of Blue Angels clients.

Getting Used to Hearing Aids and Conquering the Settings

So allow yourself time to get accustomed to fitting hearing aids properly. They’ll sound an audible alarm if the earbuds are loose, or the rechargeable batteries require their next boost. Tiny errors like these can make you wonder if your age related loss is really improving.

There’s not much purpose experimenting with settings on hearing aids until you have adjusted to hearing the sound of your own voice clearly again. Your brain will take time to learn. Take things slowly at first for example:

  • Avoid noisy situations in the beginning
  • Give your brain easy tasks like listening to television
  • Leave your hearing aids at home when visiting noisy places like shopping centers and sports events
  • Start small, your physical ears also need time to adjust

Now’s the Time to Learn How the Settings Work

Everybody is a little different, especially those of us with age related hearing loss that varies between individuals. Hearing aids therefore provide adjustments to compensate for this.

Adjusting Hearing Aid Volume

A typical hearing aid will have a volume adjustment to increase or decrease the sound amplification. However, the low-voltage electricity driving the device most often turns on and off by closing and opening the battery compartment. But some models have a switch marked O-T-M in which case the ‘O’ is for off.

Some hearing aids adjust the volume automatically. While others have manual volume adjusters, which are often a little wheel the user turns. Sometimes this is a tiny lever though, pushing up and down to increase or decrease the sound.

Manual adjustments are in steps, and a small beep confirms progress up and down. The extent of age related hearing loss determines the optimum setting. The controls can seem fiddly at first, however, most users soon become accustomed to them.

Hearing Aid Program Settings

More advanced hearing aids have pre-programmed settings making it easier for users to hear clearly in different circumstances. These may for example include noisy background situations, watching television, listening to music, and so on.

Adjusting the Settings on Blue Angels Hearing Aids

The average age of hearing aid users on our customer database is 55 years when they first purchase, and they typically have mild-to-moderate hearing loss. Blue Angels hearing aids provide the following, handy features.

Battery Indicator Light

Our behind-the-ear hearing aids have rechargable batteries - an added bonus considering the low price. The battery state-of-charge indicator is an LED light between the ‘M’ and ‘+’ signs. When it shows orange that battery needs recharging. After doing so it shows green again.

The Sound Quality Setting

For the first 6 weeks or so your hearing aid may sound like you’re in a tunnel. That’s a normal sign your brain is adjusting. After that, we recommend you experiment with the sound settings by toggling between the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ options to discover the one that works best for you.

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