The Best Low Cost Hearing Aids for Under $100 Dollars

There are a number of issues to consider when deciding the best hearing aids to buy. The first is where you source them, because the best value hearing aids are not in stores or malls. The best low-cost hearing aids are elsewhere and we’ll tell you where to find them.

Stores in shopping malls can’t afford to sell cheap hearing aids, because they have rentals and salaries to pay. Low-cost hearing aids from companies like Blue Angels on the internet are much cheaper. But when you slice the products open you could hardly notice the difference.

What to Consider When Shopping for Best Low-Cost Hearing Aids

The smart money is with internet shopping, where suppliers don’t pay high rentals and salaries. However, their affordable products can be just as good when you shop for cheap hearing aids wisely. That’s because not all hearing aids under 100 dollars are as good, especially from the user point of view:

  • Do you want loud hearing aids that just increase the volume? Or do you need something more sophisticated with a computer that filters background sound
  • Are you happy to save a few hundred dollars upfront? And then buy hundreds of dollars of throwaway batteries that eat up all your ‘savings’ in months
  • Or would you prefer the luxury of recharging the best low-cost hearing aid over and over for years while you sleep comfortably at night

However, the most important criteria to worry about is more than just cost. Not all cheap hearing aids are as good, because you can only pack so much electronics in a tiny space

  • In-the-ear hearing aids are very small because they must fit in the canal space. They come with average pre-settings locked in. That means you can’t fine adjust them in a busy restaurant so you can follow conversations easier.
  • On-the-outside-ear hearing aids are a little larger, but they still have limitations making them unsuitable for discerning users. They may be cheap hearing aids in terms of price but you need more than that, don’t you. 
  • The best low-cost hearing aids are slim-line, behind-the-ear devices like you find on the Blue Angels website. We are going to compare them with Nano and HearBloom hearing aids a little later, but there’s more you need to know.

Wear-Ability and Hygiene Factors

A hearing aid is a receiver and transmitter of sound it amplifies. Cheap hearing aids in-the-ear are semi-permanent features and you can’t take them out easily to ventilate your ear canal and dry it out.

On-the-outside-ear hearing aids don’t have those hygiene problems. However, they are so tiny some are no better than loud hearing aids that boom everything down your ear.

That’s why the better hearing aid companies like Blue Angels only supply behind-the-ear hearing aids with enough room for best technology. They may be hearing aids at under 100 dollars each, but they look like they cost ten times more.

The Big Line-Up: Nano versus HearBloom versus Blue Angels

NANO Hearing Aids

Nano hearing aids may be for sale on the internet, but they don’t qualify for the title ‘cheap hearing aids under 100 dollars’ because the least expensive model costs $397 for the pair, or $198.50 each.

We did not particularly like their designs generally. The NANO SIGMA behind-the-ear model looked the best of the lot. Although at a price of $687.00 a pair they don’t come near to being the best low-cost hearing aids we have seen.

HearBloom Hearing Aids

HearBloom on-the-outside-ear hearing aids price between $99.95 and $249.95 each. They fit neatly enough in the ear. However, their contender for the title ‘best hearing aid under 100 dollars’ lets them down in terms of quality.

The baseline HearBloom X1 is a very simple analog model. It has only one program mode, and an adjustable dial volume control. Your $99.95 buys you one of those loud hearing aids that could deafen you if there was a sudden loud noise nearby.

The Blue Angels Hearing Aid

Blue Angels are confident to sell just one hearing aid model, which they claim does everything right. Its attractive, slim-line design fits neatly behind the ear, but there was much more to attract us when we looked.

First, it’s the only full-blown, digital hearing aid selling for under 100 dollars we have seen, or for $197.99 the pair. Secondly, the batteries are rechargeable and that’s another great saving.

Our judges were unanimous the Blue Angel product is the best low-cost hearing aid for under 100 dollars with full accessories of the three. You could order your pair in confidence because they offer a full conditional 30-day refund. And that’s a bonus worth remembering.