The Ten Best Hearing Aids for Seniors in 2021

There are so many different hearing aids available it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the selection. The truth is each hearing aid supplier is targeting a particular customer which is why their claims and counter claims are distracting.

We may become increasingly desperate for a solution as our doorbell sounds softer, and friends complain we don’t answer our phone calls. We want to break through the noise *pun intended* and help you find the right hearing aid for you. This article is about the Ten Best Hearings Aids for Seniors.

Shopping for Senior Hearing Aids

Hearing aid design varies greatly. Some are plain and simple volume controls. Others like Blue Angels and Costco hearing aids are highly sophisticated with acoustic filters. Some of the ones the fashion set prefers are so tiny you can’t find where you put them down.

Important factors to focus on when choosing hearing aids

  • Are the batteries easy to change, or do you need a magnifying glass and flashlight. If they are rechargeable, how easily does the cable clip in? 
  • The best hearing aids for seniors are simple to put on and take off. They are designed to complement their quieter lifestyle with fewer crowds.
  • Most seniors don’t have open-ended disposable income. They need good, solid hearing aids that last and have backup from warranties.
  • The best hearing aids for severe hearing loss are a specialist market. Don’t take store assistants advice at face value. Do your research.

Counting Down to Our Ten Best Hearing Aids for Seniors in 2020


    offers a wide range of hearing aids from discount to top range. They list many famous brands from Widex behind-the-ear to the in-canal hearing aids Nano manufactures. We’ve heard they offer up to 30% discount.
  1. WIDEX

    is a top-edge hearing aid manufacturer supplying retail outlets globally. They are ahead of the curve with breaking technology. Expect to pay more for their products than the hearing aids Wal-Mart sells off the shelf. 

    is an all-American enterprise manufacturing in Minnesota. Like Widex, their products bristle with exciting technology. However, they may not be the best option for seniors who prefer simple solutions. 

    is a spinoff from Siemens, and has a reputation for advanced engineering and design. Active sports people rate them among the best new hearing aids for 2020, because the company claims they are waterproof.

    has an interest in hearing aids for kids, and offers among the best hearing aids for tinnitus. Their discount structure may save you up to 25%. However, the best value hearing aids from Blue Angels could save you more.

    is a magical name. They could be a runner, as all their products are digital and cutting edge design. Unfortunately, they are beyond the reach of budget-conscious seniors with prices starting at $1,000. 

    comes closer to an affordable digital hearing pair with modern technology. They are unfortunately still double the price of companies like Blue Angels, so they are still not the best value hearing aids yet.

    could be your hearing aid solution if you can stand their upmarket price of $1,650 a pair. In return, you get behind-the-ear hearing devices so tiny they may not be the best hearing aids for severe hearing loss.
  1. EARGO

    prices its hearing system starting at $2,500 for a pair of designer devices. They have a sleek design that almost comes across as custom jewelry. We could nominate them for best hearing aid but for the price.

    continues to supply the best value hearing aids for seniors on account of their no-nonsense approach to simple technology that really works. Nobody beats their amazingly low $197.99 for a digital pair.

Making Sense of These Competing Options

We hope our brief review helps you understand how hearing aid prices work, and how high prices don’t always mean the best devices.  The COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis are forcing more hearing aid companies to offer discounts.

Blue Angels Hearing has been selling heavily-discounted hearing aids over the internet since 2015. They perfected the art of supplying quality and affordable products on the web, and are becoming the benchmark others strive to follow.

Their behind-the-ear digital hearing aids are perfect for seniors with progressively deteriorating hearing because they adjust. We award them our medal for being the best top ten hearing aids for seniors in 2020. We believe you will agree.