Top Influencers Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

American actress Marlee Martin said ‘the handicap of deafness is not in the ear, it is in the mind’. Remember her? She won a Golden Globe Award for her role in Children of a Lesser God in 1986. Children is about conflicting ideologies between speech and deafness at a school for hard of hearing kids.

We wrote this post because we believe this should be the decade for normalizing deafness, along with other attributes we can’t change because that’s the way we are. We singled out four hearing loss influencers on social media promoting deaf pride, because that’s what we figure it ought to be called.

Deaf Influencers Whittling Away at What Some People Think

We’d just like to say, before we start, that being ashamed of being hard of hearing begins with ourselves. Sure, other people may add to that feeling of something being out of place.

However, in the ultimate analysis we want to come closer to what we believe we truly are. Let’s hear how these four great people are confident to speak out.

  1. Amanda Spitalieri, Clemson University Social Media Panel

Amanda Spitalieri is one of the most popular deaf influencers with 400,000+ followers on TikTok

 Amanda has 405,400 followers on TikTok, and 3,275 on Instagram. This puts her high on the list of top social media deaf personalities. She became severely deaf at age nine months with meningitis, but only graduated from hearing aids to cochlear implants when she was eight.

She was at a deaf school until she moved into mainstream education in fourth grade. She now works with students with cognitive disabilities since she graduated in education. In her own private time, she enjoys creating designs with materials, and chilling with her husband and daughter.

  1. Luke Christian, CEO of Fashion Brand Deaf Identity

Luke Christian, CEO of Fashion Brand Deaf Identity is spreading awareness of deafness through fashion

Luke Christian was born deaf and is popular among deaf people because he designs inclusive clothing for hard of hearing people under the Deaf Identity label. We found him on Deaf Unity, which describes itself as the charity preparing deaf people for success.

Deaf Unity has a vision that connects all deaf people, supporting them through sharing resources, stories, and skills with the goal of equality and fairness. We love deaf influencers with that mission in their lives.

Blue Angels forms part of that broader movement, by supplying quality hearing aids real people can afford. We share Deaf Unity’s dream of a world where hearing loss influencers join hands together, and support young deaf people growing from youth to adulthood, achieve their dreams.

  1. Cheyenna Clearbrook, the Twenty-One Year Old Social Media Star

Cheyenna Clearbrook is a YouTube and TikTok creator who is growing and showcasing her college experiences as a deaf person

Cheyenna Clearbrook is a firm favorite among her 67,729 Instagram followers. However, there is more to this young lady than her flawless fashion sense, and peachy blonde hair. You see, she was born deaf, and has a young brother and sister in a similar situation.

This deaf influencer with fashion style is also clearly a self-starter. She started her YouTube in 2012 when we she was around twelve. We’re loving this social media star because she clearly doesn’t wait for someone else to give her permission. But there’s a more serious side to her too. Check this link out to follow her experiences at college.

  1. Ryan and Ellen, High School Sweethearts Growing Up Together

Ryan and Ellen, the Sign Duo, are a beautiful example of deaf and non-deaf people enjoying love and life together

Ryan and Ellen, posting as Sign Duo, have accumulated an impressive 660,000 YouTube followers. However, what excites us most is these social media personalities don’t come out up front with any particular message about normalizing deafness.

Watching them having fun together in their apartment makes for great viewing. However, things come together when we realize Ryan is deaf, but not Ellen, his true love. We were really taken by this one as we watched proof before our eyes that deafness is no barrier to enjoying life in its fullness.

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