Wearing Hearing Aids for the First Time - What to Expect

Wearing hearing aids for the first time reopens your mind to the world of crisp sound. Things you had forgotten for a long time, like the calls of birds, and the clicking of footsteps on tiled floors, become familiar again.

For a while our minds may be a little confused as our brains unlearn how they compensated for our deafness. During this time voices may seem unnaturally loud, but they are not of course, and things soon settle down again.

Wearing Hearing Aids with Glasses and Facemasks

We’ve gotten used to the space around our ears being totally unobstructed, but now we have hearing aids to cope with.  If we have rechargable in-ear-canal hearing aids we soon get used to sharing the space.

However, if our budget nudges us in the direction of rechargeable, behind-ear hearing aids, a short period of hearing aid adjustment lies ahead. But in the end we discover it’s no big deal, we just have to keep our mind on what we are doing.

Basic Maintenance Tips with New Hearing Aids

It can take us a few days to get used to fitting our new hearing aids properly, so we don’t hear a polite alarm telling us they are not quite right. It’s a matter of gently pulling the back of our ear to fully open the canal. And then subtly turning the hearing aid, or earbud until it slides into position.

We soon gain in confidence when we discover it’s actually a walk in the park. However, we do need to remember hearing aids have delicate parts inside, and they don’t like falling on the ground.

Therefore, its good practice to fit and remove hearing aids over a soft surface, just in case our fingers fumble while getting used to wearing hearing aids for the first time. Doing so while sitting on a bed makes a deal more sense than doing so near a washbasin full of water!

Speaking of Water, Moisture Is Not Your New Hearing Aids Friend

You could permanently damage your new hearing aids if you drop them in the sink and forget them there. They could also have a setback, if you shower with them on or walk in heavy rain for more than a few moments.

This is something to embed in your consciousness, because our modern, rechargeable hearing aids are so lightweight and compact you’ll easily forget they are there.

We recommend putting your fingers in your ears for a moment before showering, or entering a sauna or pool just to make double sure. If you do forget, surface-dry them and pop them in the dehumidifier soon as you can, and everything may be okay again.

The Many Benefits or Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Multiple-use batteries may cost more than single-use, however the many benefits of rechargeable batteries far outweigh the expense. You see, hearing aids get their energy from tiny, ‘button’ batteries and these eventually run out of steam.


When you start wearing new hearing aids – perhaps for the first time – their batteries soon feature in your life if you chose non-rechargeable ones.

They should nominally last for ten to fourteen days,  however this depends on how hard you work them, and to an extent the time of the year because batteries are less efficient in cold weather.

Those factors – and because hearing aids are so tiny and unobtrusive - may confound you to the extent you keep making hearing aid adjustments, when the truth is the batteries are running flat and need replacing.


Rechargable hearing aid batteries may hold their energy for only twenty-four hours. But that’s quite okay, unless we are all-day-long midnight owls. Just put the charger in your bedroom, and use it overnight while you sleep. Your hearing aids will be ready for you in the morning.

Wearing hearing aids for the first time could never be simpler this way. They are there for you while you are awake, and they recharge while you replenish your energy at night. Blue Angels hearing aids all use rechargeable batteries. We can’t understand why the rest of the industry does not work this way too.

But the Clincher Is the Quality of Your Life

You get consistent quality of hearing with Blue Angels rechargeable hearing aids when you follow our advice. You should never fear them letting you down during an intimate candlelight dinner. And you should be able to enjoy symphony concerts from the first notes, until the final ones die away.

When you start wearing hearing aids you’ll wonder why it took such a long time to adopt this remarkable technology. If you’d like to give it a try soon, why not click here now? You have little to lose and such more too gain.

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