Where Can I Buy a Hearing Aids Case?

Where Can I Buy a Hearing Aids Case?

As phone cases have surged in popularity, so have cases for other devices like headphones and even hearing aids. While a sleek hearing aids case is included with our hearing aids, other companies may not include a rechargeable case. Let’s explore if it’s even worth it to purchase a hearing aids case for your hearing aids.

Why Do I Need a Hearing Aid Storage Case?

Hearing aids are wearable technology, close to our mouths, eyes, and noses. These are the routes viruses and bacteria follow to enter our bodies. It makes sense to apply careful hygiene standards. This is how storage cases can help:

  • They are places to store hearing aids away from germs and dirt when we are not using them. We don’t want to keep them under our pillow because when we roll over we could damage them.
  • We can store them in a hearing aid case - with the battery disconnected - on a shelf in the cupboard, where the family pet can’t confuse them as chew toys.
  • This also restricts curious kids getting hold of them, taking them apart to see how they work, and heaven forbid chewing and swallowing the batteries because they think they are sweet treats.
  • Quality hearing aids cases may protect sensitive electronics from extreme heat and cold that could damage their circuits. They should also help keep the humidity out on hot nights, when we are peacefully asleep.

Would I Need to Buy a Hearing Aid Charging Case?

That depends on whether your hearing aids are rechargeable, and the technology involved. Blue Angels’ rechargeable XP23’s and XI24’s - retailing for $597.99 and $497.99 a pair including shipping - use plug-in technology so a universal case is unlikely to work.

However, our economy XB30’s at $297.99 a pair including shipping, recharge via a removable cable so you could probably buy any right-sized hearing aid case.

I Mislaid A Hearing Aid Case Somewhere. Where Can I Buy Another One?

Hearing aids are produced in large numbers at factories, and supplied via wholesalers to high street retailers who seldom stock the cases as spares. A lively replacement market exists on sites like Amazon and eBay. However, these may be recycled ones, and they would need careful sterilizing before using.

Tips Before Charging a Hearing Aid Case to Your Card

Decide Which Type of Case You Want

Standard and rechargeable hearing aid cases come in many varieties according to Olive Union. Ask questions before ordering a replacement over the internet blindly. Is the product made from recycled cardboard, or is it a solid plastic one you could sit on safely in your pocket.

Premium hearing aid cases have storage for spare batteries, and perhaps cleaning tools too. The latter may be over-the-top, because of increased size unless you travel regularly. Make sure the case snaps closed tightly, to exclude extreme temperatures or humidity whichever type you choose.

Humidifiers and Hearing Aid Dryers

Moisture and electronics make bad companions. That’s as true for watches and smartphones as it is for standard and rechargeable hearing aids. Manufacturers make their hearing aids waterproof as possible. However, determined humidity often finds a way through.

The moisture build-up is slow but relentless. The slight warmth from the electronics may dry it out, but every occasion leaves a trace on the circuits. Hearing aid warranties seldom cover water damage. The onus is on hearing aid owners to control the situation.

  • Hearing aid dehumidifier cases have a compartment containing a drying agent. This draws the moisture out of anything resting on it.
  • Hearing aid electric dryers contain heaters and sometimes fans to remove the moisture. More advanced ones may also kill bacteria with ultraviolet light.
  • However, the smart money may be on dehumidifying discs common in medication containers. These could dry hearing aids for a fraction of the price.

Reliable sources suggest leaving the battery door open with the batteries removed. Because this helps the drying process complete sooner.

Blue Angels Hearing Aids Come Complete with Cases

We sell three models of rechargeable hearing aids at factory prices, further discounted on account of the huge volumes we process. In summary form these are:

  • Blue Angel rechargeable, in-canal hearing aid Model XP23, with dual microphones, noise reduction technology, earbuds, tools, free portable charging case, and free delivery @ $597.99 PER PAIR.
  • Blue Angels rechargeable, behind-ear hearing aid Model Xl124, with dual microphones, noise reduction technology, earbuds, tools, free portable charging case, and free delivery @ $497.99 PER PAIR.
  • Blue Angels rechargeable, behind-ear hearing aid Model XB30, with noise reduction technology, earbuds, tools, free case, and free delivery @ $297.99 PER PAIR.

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