What Are the Best Hearing Aids Under $500

What Are the Best Hearing Aids Under $500?

If you are embarking on a journey to discover which hearing aids are best value for money, then this post is for you. Purchasing them on the internet may seem the best place to find low cost hearing aids, but unfortunately this is not always true.

Many internet vendors offer hearing aids for $500 or less. However, when you line them up and compare them apple for apple you will find it’s not only the price that matters. It’s what the device can do for you that is really important.

Hearing Aids Under $500 Don’t Always Suit You Best

Price is not always the best comparison, even if you set your bar at hearing aids under $1,000 a pair. Many vendors selling hearing devices on places like Amazon are third or fourth level suppliers.

You may end up paying much more for the system than on behalf of your ears. This is especially the case because some sellers mark their products up several times over cost, to create the illusion they are selling something special.

We decided the best way to illustrate this point was to compare a sample of four hearing aids we grabbed at random. We are not saying for a moment there is anything wrong with these products. We are just using them as examples.

  1. Walmart Dual Rechargable Hearing Aids Model HA 302 $498.88 / Pair

These fully digital behind-the-ear hearing aids have four adjustable programs for different situations plus a volume control knob. Walmart recommends them for use by people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

They are therefore suitable for everyday use in a variety of typical situations. We might be inclined to recommend them but for their price. $498.88 sounds steep compared to our low cost hearing aids. But then they do have brick and concrete stores to support.

  1. Hear Clear Model HC3 Dual Hearing Aids $478 / Pair

This company describes their behind-the-ear products as affordable hearing aids for a budget-friendly price. They ship direct with an upgraded chip they say offers improved background noise reduction, and greater clarity.

The batteries provide 16 hours use, and two hours charging time. Hear Clear ships direct. However their similar price to Walmart set us wondering if there really was a difference. We labelled this one a long shot and continued shopping for lower prices.

  1. Hear Clear Model HCRD Digital Hearing Amplifier $39.99 / Pair

These hearing amplifiers looked so similar to affordable hearing aids an amateur could become confused. However, everything seemed as clear as a bell when we delved into the detailed specification.

That’s because these could never be the best hearing aids under $500. They are just volume controls for turning up high for listening to loud music. We have no doubt they could do a great job, but unfortunately that job is not helping hard hearing.

  1. Britzgo BHA-702S Amplifier with Digital Noise Cancelling @ $199,09 / Pair

This could be a product for people with normal hearing to consider. That’s because the rechargable batteries apparently last for 500 hours between recharging, which may even outlast a Woodstock weekend.

This device looks, and feels like one of the regular digital hearing aids we sell for a similar price. However, it’s not in the same league. If you have mild to moderate hearing loss you should look further for your affordable hearing aids.

Why Is There Such a Broad Range of Prices in Your Sample?

It’s always been possible to pay different prices for the same thing. This is often due to variations in operating costs, and the mark-up policy of the particular store.

The internet was going to be ‘the great leveler’ however this has often proved not to be the case. However, the above list contains two different types of hearing-assistance devices, and it’s important you understand why.

  • Hearing amplifiers help people with normal hearing listen to faint sounds because they increase the volume.
  • Hearing aids, on the other hand process sounds so hard-of-hearing people can understand them

Examples 1 and 2 in our list are hearing aids, while 3 and 4 are sound amplifiers. If you visited this page to learn more about acquiring low cost hearing aids then we have some excellent for news for you.

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