Which Style of Hearing Aid Will Suit Me Best?

It’s an excellent idea to choose which style of hearing aid you want first, before you go shopping for a brand. That’s because the least visible ones can cost quite a bit more and you do want to stay within your budget.

We discuss the four main styles of hearing aid in this post. We’ll also touch on which type of aid will suit your purposes best. Please contact Blue Angels if this article does not answer all your questions. We are here for you when you need us!

Completely-In-The-Canal Hearing Aid Style

Completely-in-canal aids come in standard and mini sizes. They lack the features of the other options because there is only so much technology you can pack in a device in an ear canal. People who ask which style of hearing aid is least visible often purchase them. However there are sacrifices attached to this.

They only have space for small batteries. This means regular frustration until it dawns on you they are going flat. The other problem could be earwax clogging the speaker. You can’t adjust the volume. Stay away from these unless you are incredibly vain.

Semi-In-The-Canal Hearing Aids

Hearing aids that fit partly in the canal are a good technical solution for mild-to-moderate deafness. However, they are custom-molded and this adds considerably to the cost. You can adjust the volume without removing them, except the controls are fiddly and that’s a real nuisance in company.

If your budget can afford the luxury of custom molding, you’ll be pleased to know they have some of the features that come standard with behind-the-ear options. However, you may not be so pleased with having to clean them to clear the loudspeakers of earwax.

Image Courtesy National Institute of Deafness NIDCD


The In-The-Ear Hearing Aid Style

You can skip this one over unless you have severe hearing loss. That’s a far more serious condition than the deterioration that occurs with age. If you select this option you could pay quite a bit for technology you may never need. They are arguably the most highly visible of all styles.

If you decide to go this way you have two choices. These are (a) an earpiece that fills the recessed part of your outer ear, or (b) one that just covers the lower half. The controls come easily to the fingers and the ear wax is easier to remove.

Simple, Effective Behind-The-Ear Styles

Most customers who wander into a store and ask which style of hearing aid do you recommend end up purchasing a behind-the-ear one. They provide more amplification of sound than the other styles we described, and are becoming increasingly streamlined and visible.

Their open-fit design for mild-to-moderate deafness keeps the ear canal open for low frequency sounds that don’t need amplification. They are simple to fit, remove and clean. Blue Angels supplies affordable behind-the-ear ones just like that, and now you know why.