Why Are Hearing Aids Expensive?

This is a question we frequently ask ourselves in the course of our daily routine in our busy stock room. How can top-end hearing aids cost more than smartphones with three cameras, bluetooth, and so much more?

Today, we reveal the secrets behind why hearing aids are so expensive. And by comparison, why Blue Angels are so affordable. If we tread on a few toes in the process, understand we are not taking shots as much as wanting to provide objective analysis into one of the most obvious questions related to hearing devices.

Are Hearing Aids Expensive Because of the Supply Chain?

This seems to be a reasonable assumption given that most hearing aid factories source their components out and simply assemble them. However, those factories don’t like to deal direct, and so they supply products to big name, famous firms. But, they don’t like to deal with customers direct, and so they supply their products in turn to high street stores at the end of the supply chain.

That scenario gives us at least five levels in the supply chain, without factoring the sources of component materials. Plus, there are a host of support services jostling for a share of the action. Another reason why most hearing aids are so expensive is everybody wants a slice of the pie.

Why Are Most Hearing Aids So Expensive Despite the Booming Market?

Booming the market is in the United States, yet for some reason the main brands are still holding their prices high. Sonova says the industry continues to neglect the potential in the third world. That’s because UN children’s fund UNICEF says over 665,000 children are born with significant hearing loss each year.

Instead, we have a situation where hearing aids deliver into wealthy nations able to afford inflated prices. We really need another Henry Ford to pop up and make hearing aids the masses can afford.

Is doesn’t help having a disorganized population of hearing aid users unable to present a united front. Most medical schemes don’t include them in their benefits either. Blue Angels entered this market place twelve years ago to change this reality. Over 30,000 customers later, we are beginning to make a difference.

Let’s Invite the AARP to Join the Debate

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) founded in 1958, and has an enviable reputation for helping seniors find their way through the financial maze.

It adds an interesting slant to the question, why hearing aids are so expensive. Its members can’t afford them either. Even if you are not a retired person, please stay with us. What we are about to reveal is beneficial for people of all ages.

The AARP gets stuck in right away and makes these two startling claims:

  • A fairly small number of companies dominate this sector, it says. ‘Six global manufacturers control 90 percent of the market.’ Consumer choice is also limited because hearing aid providers typically contract with only two or three manufacturers.’
  • Another problem is ‘the lack of transparency’ the AARP points out. ‘That’s including transparency of the cost of production of hearing aids, compared to the cost to distributors.’ As a result, distribution costs are ‘bundled into hearing aid prices’ and consumers have little idea what they are paying for.

Consumers Should Know What They Are Paying For and Have Choices

Many hearing suppliers offer package deals with just one, two, maybe three models to choose from. By contrast, Henry Ford’s legacy lives on in the American automobile industry, where consumers have a broad selection (although Ford initially said people could choose any color as long as it’s black).

They can choose between makes and models, and within models they have a choice of add-ons and features depending on their budget. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could shop for hearing aids, that way some day?

As far back as 2016 the AARP already knew the pie of the average hearing aid goes one third to the device, one third for professional fees, and the balance to cover the operating cost of the retail business.

The Blue Angels founder walked into this financial brick wall when his aging mother was going increasingly deaf. But they could not afford the cost of expensive hearing aids in their home town.

How Blue Angels Hearing Aids Tackled the Challenge

Our founder was not prepared to accept the status quo that hearing aids are mostly expensive, and those they are not are sound amplifiers with volume controls. He decided to sell genuine, rechargable hearing aids without the add-on costs of professional fees and retail costs.

Many other companies have cloned his idea of selling basic-model hearing aids on the internet in large volumes. However, our customers tell us few come even close to our reputation for affordable quality delivered with a smile.

Before you purchase elsewhere follow this link, and consider the range of three hearing aids we supply. Our astounding low prices include accessories, tools, delivery charges, and a refund if you find they do not work as described.

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