Why Do Deaf People Side-Step Hearing Aids

Why Do Deaf People Side-Step Hearing Aids

Trying to persuade a deaf person to wear hearing aids can be an uphill struggle. They seem to have their shield up, and we can’t penetrate them with logic no matter how hard we try.

However, if we discover what is causing their fear of hearing aids, then we have a chance. Were you surprised we used the word ‘fear’? This may sound weird to a person with normal hearing, but you can take our word for it - the phobia is very real in their minds.

So What Are Phobias Exactly?

We turned to Wikipedia because we are not social workers. We discovered a phobia is a type of anxiety disorder defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object, or situation. And people with a particular phobia will go to great lengths to avoid the situation or object, to a degree greater than the actual danger posed.

The best way to relieve phobias can be allowing the person to challenge their beliefs and become mindful of whether their feelings are irrational. A trusted friend could help them overcome their hearing aid fear by explaining it is not based on logic.

The Five Most Common Misconceptions Behind Hearing Aid Fear

Going partly deaf - and not treating the condition with hearing aids - may encourage people to withdraw from social contact. This could actually encourage the onset of dementia if they are already disposed that way, according to Healthy Hearing.

Yet despite this fact, the majority of deaf Americans are allowing their hearing aid phobia to stand in the way of a happier, hearing future. That’s why most of them wait seven to ten years into their deafness to challenge five assumptions that defy logic:

  1. I’m Afraid Hearing Aids Will Make Me Look Old

If your friend was really afraid of looking their age, they would stop cupping their ears and asking strangers to speak up.  However, their real risk of appearing older is answering strangely, because they did not hear the question properly in the first place.

People of all ages are wearing hearing aids nowadays, because deafness affects every generation. If a teen wearing hearing aids still looks their age, why not your friend too?

  1. I Don’t Know What Will Happen at the Doctor

This one is easy because doctors don’t dispense hearing aids. Technicians do so at hearing aid stores, and they are somewhat unlikely to discuss diets and whether their clients exercise regularly. We go deaf because our ‘hearing wears out’, as opposed to having an illness in the vast majority of cases.

An increasing number of deaf Americans are purchasing rechargeable hearing aids direct on the internet, where discount sites like Blue Angels complete the process without person-to-person contact.

  1. I’m Afraid Hearing Aids Won’t Help Me

Hearing aid fear based on this reasoning may turn out correct. That’s because 10% of deaf people actually do require a medical procedure. In any case, it’s always a good idea to take medical advice if anything is worrying you.

Hearing aid stores have created the illusion hearing aids are medical treatments, and that goes some way to affecting the high levels of hearing aid phobia prevalent in America today. However, the plain truth is hearing aids are no more intrusive than plug-in headphones, and you wouldn’t purchase those from a doctor, would you?

In fact, you are far more likely to purchase stereo headphones over the internet, where efficiencies of scale make them more affordable. The same logic applies when you purchase rechargeable hearing aids from Blue Angels. Click on that link to see the amazing offers there.

  1. I’m Scared to Buy Them In Case I Lose Them

We mostly lose things when we put them somewhere carelessly, and we forget where we put them. However, when we’re out and about our hearing aids are in our ears - and let’s face it we are unlikely to misplace those.

If your friend puts their hearing aids on in the morning and takes them off at night, they will either be in the bathroom cabinet, or in their ears. Besides, what is insurance for but life’s little mishaps?

  1. I’m Not Scared of Hearing Aids – I Can’t Afford Them

We started building Blue Angels Hearing eleven years ago. That was after we learned our founding partner’s mother could not afford hearing aids at shopping mall prices.

We figured out how to get them cheaper by going direct, and we extended the model into Blue Angels. His mother’s hearing aid fear went out the window the day the delivery arrived. You could take care of your friend’s hearing aid phobia by forwarding them this link.

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