Blue Angels Hearing Aids (XI24)
Blue Angels Hearing Aids (XI24) - Blue Angels Hearing
Blue Angels Hearing Aids (XI24) - Blue Angels Hearing
Blue Angels Hearing Aids (XI24) - Blue Angels Hearing
Blue Angels Hearing Aids (XI24) - Blue Angels Hearing
Blue Angels Hearing Aids (XI24) - Blue Angels Hearing
Blue Angels Hearing Aids (XI24) - Blue Angels Hearing
Blue Angels Hearing Aids (XI24) - Blue Angels Hearing

Blue Angels Hearing Aids (XI24)

  • Say goodbye to batteries, and hello to the rechargeable XI24 (24+ hours of clear hearing).
  • Advanced feedback cancellation technology identifies and eliminates whistling (feedback frequencies) before they reach your ear.
  • The XI24's dual microphones allow you to focus on the sounds you want to hear, not the background noise.
  • Bonus: FREE Charging Dock ($179 Value)
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🦻 State-of-the-art hearing solution packed with our advanced digital technology, delivering a full-bodied natural listening experience.

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Why you need to try our invisible hearing aids.

Why you need to try our invisible hearing aids.

Blue Angels Rechargeable Hearing Aids don't come with the big prices you're used to seeing...

Until recently, most everyone has had to accept the high prices that come with buying traditional hearing aids.

The markups through brick and mortar stores, offices and clinics typically drive hearing aid prices up into the $4,000 - $5,000 range.

Blue Angels Hearing has an alternative to that outdated system!

You no longer have to worry about the huge markup that has historically made it difficult for many deserving people to own the one thing that can make an enormous difference in their lives!

From hearing the birds sing in the morning to hearing your grandchildren play in the afternoon. It's time for you to live your best life.

The Blue Angels Hearing Aids are built with new technology that performs amazingly well, so well in fact, many of our customers say they're better than the hearing aids they spent thousands of dollars on!

Because you deserve real, medical-grade hearing aids for 90% less.

Save Thousands without Sacrificing Quality



    You will hear clearly and comfortably in a variety of settings — watching television, at a dinner party, at church — thanks to its advanced digital technology.

  • Small, Discreet and Comfortable

    A virtually invisible design with advanced digital technology, delivering high-quality sound.


    "Best Quality Sound & Lowest Affordable Price on the Market Today"



✅ Rechargeable Technology (Save $100s Per Year on Battery Costs)
✅ Nearly Invisible, Extremely Discreet (fits even if you have glasses)
✅ Noise-Reduction Technology
✅ Extremely Easy To Use
✅ Super Affordable
✅ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Blue Angels rechargeable aids are charged with a simple Micro-USB cord. Charging your hearing aids for just 2 hours gives you approximately 16 hours of battery life, making it easy for you to always be prepared.

How big of an impact will better hearing have on your life?

The only way to know is to experience the future of hearing in your own home, for 30-days, completely risk-free. You may not believe your ears.

Small, Nearly Invisible Format

Our hearing aids are very small and made to fit the shape of your ear so that they are less noticeable. The tube that connects the hearing aid to your ear is nearly transparent!

No Whistle With Our Feedback Cancellation Technology

Hug a loved one without the annoying whistle of other hearings aids that lack feedback cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will Blue Angels Nearly Invisible Hearing Aids Work for Me Without Me Being Tested? Blue Angel's technology allows you to pick different mode settings and volume settings so you can find the best combination of sound for your ears. You don't need an audiogram (hearing test) to purchase Blue Angels Hearing Aids.

Guarantee and Warranty - Blue Angels offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also purchase our Elite Protection Plan to get a full year of 100% protection in case you lose your device. This gives you total peace of mind!

Why are these still good quality if the price is so low? We cut out the middleman, which means no doctors, rent, and other overhead expenses to pay. We pass those savings through to you!

How do I know these will fit me properly without me being fitted? We include multiple earbud sizes to help you find a great fit, and if for some reason none of them fit perfectly, just call us and we'll ship you more earbuds or help you get you one of our other devices that will fit you.

full package -
you will receive

Your order comes with everything you need to easily operate the hearing aids yourself even if you're not "tech savvy".

Blue Angels Hearing Aids (Pair)
3+ Earbud Sizes To Fit You Properly
Extra Ear Tubes
Instructions Manual
Carrying Case
USB Charging Cord
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